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12 Days of Meditations #12: What’s the point of this all?

Why do bloggers blog? It’s a simple question, but you’ll probably get different answers from everyone. For me, blogging is a form of introspection, an outlet, a tool for reach out to like-minded people. It’s great to have a site … Continue reading

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Thinking about blogging (or vice versa)

Lately I’ve been thinking about my blog. It seems that after a long time, I’ve gotten to the place that I yearned for when I started. Most of the comments I get are thoughtful and illuminating, which leads me to … Continue reading

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Four More Years?!

Out of all hobbies I have, anime is probably the one I’ve been most vocal with. Books and video games have always been there, and I feel no need to go around proclaiming my passion for them, even if it’s … Continue reading

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A Bro Needs Answers, So I Give ‘Em (An Interrogation Game)

Digibro tagged me in this anime blogger interrogation game. I usually don’t do these stuff, seeing that most of them ask too many questions, but five is a sweet spot.

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Three Year Anniversary!

Three years! Yay!

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Super Robot Wars Judgment and the Joy of Naming Your Mech

Super Robot Wars Judgment is the latest out of SRW fan-translation efforts. The trend with recent portable SRWs is that it allows you to name your main character AND mech (along with its attacks). This allows for a lot of … Continue reading

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On Spoilers

The MTF Madoka Magica thread (spoiler warning) had me thinking, how do we deal with spoilers?

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Two Years

It’s that time of the year again for this blog. And it’s changed a bit since last year.

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Hoshi no Samidare: Anything Will Do

[by 黒野祐] In the Beast Knights, Hyou Shimaki is different. Whereas his comrades’ psychic powers could be used as weapons, Shimaki’s power is purely based on the mind: summoning golems. I like to think of it as a metaphor for … Continue reading

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I’m Alive! (Updates and Stuff)

[sauce] I haven’t been posting for a while, since I lost my internet for almost two weeks. Imagine the agony! Anyways, a lot has happened during my absence, so I intend to go through them quickly. The Death of Ngee … Continue reading

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