Kowd Jiss (or how Filipino otaku rage at TV-5)

So I watched Code Geass R1 on Philippine TV today. I’ll go out on a limb to say that it’s good. Good, by abysmal Animax Philippines/Hero TV standards. I liked it. I enjoyed it. My 20-odd minutes were not wasted.

I’m sure the fansub Geass fans are raging all across the country. I can give you that. They’d rather die than have their beloved show turn mainstream. Because an anime stops being cool when everyone and their mother likes it, right?

People have a strange tendency to forget where they came from. I can speak for the Philippine elitist otaku population that we all grew up on Filipino dubs of Voltes V, Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin III, Evangelion, Sailor Moon, DBZ, and Gundam G/W/X. If you’re a Filipino and you disagree, fuck you.

My comments on the specific character voices:

  • Lelouch – Pretty okay, though I’m interested on how he’ll change his voice for Zero.
  • Suzaku – Good.
  • Kallen – Too butchy, but serviceable.
  • Shirley – Just bad, can’t stand her. Her voice doesn’t have the cute appeal that Fumiko Orikasa had.
  • Millay – Very good.
  • Rivalz – Is called Rival, lol, but good nonetheless. Calls Lelouch “bro” and reminds me of Krillin’s dub voice.
  • C.C. – Better than expected. Needs a bit more sultry and tsundere though.
  • Jeremiah – Doesn’t sound much of a noble, kinda generic arrogant bad guy.
  • Villetta – Fine.
  • Clovis – TERRIBLE. Not fabulous enough. This VA should’ve worked on Schneizel instead.
  • Diethard – Good.
  • Lloyd – Excellent.
  • Cecile – Perfect.
  • Emperor Wakamoto – Lols, just can’t hold a candle to Norio. Lacks authority.

The translation was not bad. They used loanwords liberally and kept code-switching to English, but I guess it’s all for the lipsync purposes. Filipino words are kinda long (but are rather similar in syllabication to Nihongo). You’ll have to agree with me that “Mabuhay ang Japan” just doesn’t have the effect that NIPPON BANZAI has, though.

I have to hand it to TV-5. They exceeded my expectations by acquiring 3 anime in one fell swoop. Right after Shana, we have Mai-Hime (in which I predicted correctly in my previous post), Noein and Geass. I’ve seen Mai-Hime but not Noein, which I quickly remedied by watching the dub and checking out on the info. It looks good (yay Satelight) and has neat production values, but I doubt if people would like it too much due to the SCIENCE parts. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, too.

Needs more anime with role-model-worthy characters though. These 3 (along with Shana) ain’t so bad, but I wouldn’t want my kid to idolize Lelouch, or even Suzaku (because they might try to “Geass” their teachers into leaking them exam questions or run along a wall or something). I wonder how TV-5 will deal with the majority of anime being shown in widescreen format nowadays.

Also, if anything, TV-5 airs its anime without cutting the OP/ED parts. Respect.

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24 Responses to Kowd Jiss (or how Filipino otaku rage at TV-5)

  1. Bazookaman says:

    TV-5 airs Noein? Oh lawd, I kinda want to watch just to see how they’re gonna dub the LOL QUANTUM PHYSICS part of the slow.

  2. ghostlightning says:

    I grew up with local ENGLISH dubs of Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Daimos and the rest. Even Bioman and Shaider were English dubs in the beginning. I’m older than you so I don’t think you speak for me at all, and vice versa. If you follow my posts you can be sure I let everyone know where I come from.

    Good luck with blogging the show. I suggest you find a way to give feedback to the production staff directly. Maybe there you can make a difference.

  3. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I’ve no problem with your generation, because you guys are mature and don’t bitch around whenever their favorite show gets the Filipino dub treatment. 😛

    I’m not a fan of dubs myself but hey! Anime for everyone!

    PS: I also forgot to mention that I grew up with all those shows you mentioned, too (I also do remember shedding a tear or two for that Yellow Ranger who died). I just used the example befitting the local TV anime explosion generation here.

  4. StillDaggerX says:

    Inb4 kids walk around the street geassing each other

  5. Mai says:

    Good to see Filipino dubs picking up again (and will remain to be of decent quality as long as they hire professional dubbers to do their shit).

    I’m still sore that local broadcasters still aren’t showing Death Note. Pfft.

  6. ghostlightning says:

    Mature? We’re just too old to get angry LOL.

    I have a few relatives who still do dubs, though I don’t know if they’re anime (they used to do Zenki which I unfortunately didn’t watch).

    A big problem of the dubs here is that the vocal track overpowers everything else, as if the voices you hear don’t come from the environment shown in the anime. They sound like they’re always in a small room, even if they’re fighting in huge halls or in open fields. This has always bothered me.

    Why did the English dubs of Voltes V and Daimos, and even Macross not have this problem? These were much much older productions so technology shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

  7. RidetheLightning says:


    I agree with the vocal track not being in sync with the scenes.


    Sorry, but you don’t speak for me, even though I’m an elitist when it comes to anime. Yes, I’ve watched all those shows and more, and prolly it was those shows that sparked my interest but when it comes down to it, pretty much most if not all filipino dubs lack that luster in the lines the original provides.

    There’s also the mistranslation. Situations that our culture may not understand. So, in my elitist opinion, all the recent filipino dubs have failed and none have measured up. 🙂

  8. Roland says:

    English dub of Shaider? hala… Bioman oo, dahil walang Tagalog na Bioman dub. hehe.

  9. usagijen says:

    lol @ ghostlightning. “Too old to get angry” or “mature”, of course I’d go for the latter. The pretentious elitists are the ones that really piss me off in this whole issue =/

    And yes, like you, I’ll forever remember the Filipino-dubbed YuYuHakusho, Sailor Moon, Slam Dunk, among others (well I consider those three to have the best castings, despite the mishaps — I’m looking at you YYH XD). Local TV played quite a big part in making me the otaku that I am now… oh nostalgia.

    Anime for everyone indeed! Was about to make a similar post in response to all the hate (especially from the immature brats), but you’ve already done it. Props to you, kabayan 🙂

    Nice to see more awesome local bloggers coming out of the closet, btw! XD

  10. schneider says:

    @ usagijen

    Heh, thanks. Nice blog, BTW. Lemme link you up. 😀

  11. usagijen says:

    @schneider: ohh, lemme return the favor!!

  12. jherskie says:

    like ghostlightning, i grew up with english dubs for these anime you speak of. and i still stand up for what i said in RB.

    ghostlightning had said all i wanted to, so i won’t reiterate them anymore.

  13. SRWfreak says:

    abc 5 was once known to air LOTS of anime, around the late 90’s to match channel 7 with their anime at night.. 2-3 in a row at PRIMETIME, no less!! dubbers that time were having lots of work ahead of them. Good thing tv5 is shaping up to be a channel that airs anime as ANIME, not as cartoons
    and minus the silly gif pictures 2 and 7 show before commercials(take Recca’s shaking arm, “this is our fight” tagline of dbz), and also plus the full OP/ED. QTV was the first to bring back such the trend.. but their anime is not meant to be competitive, unlike tv5, which aired 3 new shows just this week. and not just any show. Azumanga, BBB, and Fushigi, all in one monday! also one tokusatsu that i wasnt a fan of… Kamen Rider Blade.

    All i want to say, though too late, is that tv5 sooner or later could bring a new anime boom
    that animax and hero started!! TV5 banzai!!

    sory for the late comment, but as an otaku, i just had to say it!

  14. SRWfreak says:

    also, down with the bakugan and rockman.exe.

    sorry to those i wil offend!

  15. schneider says:

    Bakugan and Rockman.exe suck. Kids shouldn’t grow up to these kinds of shows. Hohoho

  16. SRWfreak says:


    so true so true… i think kids should watch those classic tokusatsu which yields a moral lesson or two, EVERY episode. yes, im talking about shaider, voltes v and the like… at least they return after every 5-6 years or so… funny GMA’s big 3 gundam shows never went back to circulation, again… and theyre worth showing… the death of Questor was the sign of the times for the downfall for gma7’s anime authority.astig. and yes, schneida-san, anime for everyone, except for bleach’s dubbing, which in my opinion is a little off-tone compared to every other pinoy dub existent.

    ps, if you know an anime dub worse than bleach’s, please post… or do ya think i should consider making my own blog here at wp? watcha think, guys? hehe

  17. schneider says:

    I think you should write a blog. It would be great.

    Why GMA never reaired their Gundam shows is still a mystery.

    As for fruity dubs, Animax’s Initial D comes to mind. I couldn’t stomach it at all.

  18. SRWfreak says:

    the tagalog one with angel locsin or just the english one? i love initial D, but i never got about bragging about being good at the Arcade stage because, IM NOT!, though ive never watched the dubs. jus the subs… hah!

    thanks for the support, schneida-san! ill cook up a blog prolly a week from now, since i found myself lotsa free time for giving comments, in which some do not make sense… kinda like naruto fillers!! i HATE fillers… that killed the bleach addiction for me… now there’s a topic! “HOW THE BOUNTO STOLE MY ENTHUSIASM” , im gonna write it now! ja ne!

  19. Paorou says:

    I’m raging too much at Kowd ‘Jiss’ becaue as an occultist – the way the japanese pronounce GAY ASS is the correct way to pronounce it.

    Geass – I suspect – is derived from the word ‘Geas’ which is a celtic mythology term referring to a pact/oath. Many kings had geas with various heroes and once they broke it, bad things would happen.

    In other stories, geas could never be broken – it was like fate itself prevented it from ever been broken.

    So CODE JIZZ is making rage so hard.

  20. SRWfreak says:

    you sure know your stuff.. were you watching geass on tv 5? dont get too worked up on the JIZZ… they changed the pronounciation few eps later. hehe peace out!

  21. Paorou says:

    I just like mythology, and giant robots.

    Their epic-ness, comparisons of living gods and giant god-like machines – seem to complement each other perfectly. Not to mention the entire heroes and saving humanity from large, unbelievable threats part.

    And don’t worry about that – I really just wanted to put that out of my chest. I don’t have time to watch the TV5 episodes either. I literally live in another timezone due to my work. ;_;

  22. SRWfreak says:

    ya like super robots? we are gonna get along, being a super robo freak and all… but geass isnt my cup of tea though. i like voltes, mazinger, getter. i was done watching zambot 3 last week! when you said god like machines, i could only think of raideen, and gaogaigar partly, because of the goldion crush!

  23. hasunah says:

    who is the filipino voice actor of lelouch, CC, shirley?

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