Gear Fighter Dendoh: A Review

Gear Fighter Dendoh is a super robot show that I’d never have cross paths with if not for SRW. It had a large part in the plot of SRW MX, which convinced me enough to watch the show myself (another show steeped heavily in MX’s plot was Machine Robo: The Revenge of Chronos, but good luck trying to find that online). That aside, I found Dendoh to be an above-average, entertaining show. Think GaoGaiGar with kid pilots and Digimon-esque weapons.

Directed by Mitsuo Fukuda before he did Gundam SEED, with an OP sung by Hironobu Kageyama, along with animated idol group C-Drive, this show is a blast. The story is basic: evil aliens plan to conquer the Earth, and it’s up to an advanced robot (Dendoh) manned by two kids to stop them. Aside from a few twists, the show is easy to figure out, and we get to focus on the fights more.

This is just badass. See those wheel turbines? They will do you in.

This is just badass. See those wheel turbines? They will do you in.

Dendoh is a kid’s show, make no mistake about it. The titular mech is gaudily painted in blue and red, and the Data Weapons (think animal mecha that fuse with Dendoh to form a specific weapon) are colorful. The two main protagonists are kids, but they do a good job of not being bratty too much. Ginga is a bullheaded martial artist, while Hokuto is a token Mama’s boy. They bicker a lot, but remain good friends, until *LOL SPOILER*, and they’re still good friends. Ellis is a girl of Ginga and Hokuto’s age but has a degree in MIT (which we’ve totally never heard before, really), and acts as the brains for their secret organization, GEAR. Vega is Hokuto’s mother (why I did not spoiler-fy this is because the writers exact absolutely no effort in hiding her identity), whom I will explain in the image below. Aside from the kid trio and Vega, most of GEAR is sadly forgettable. Hell, even those three bumbling villains (with signature sentence-enders of their own) are more fun to watch!

Takes on lower-tier baddies with a whip and grenades, drives an amphibuous motorbike, wears a mask and wig, and voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, Vega is the unholy fusion of Master Asia, Char, and Misato.

Takes on lower-tier baddies with a whip and grenades, drives an amphibious motorbike, wears a mask and wig, and voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, Vega is the unholy fusion of Master Asia, Char, and Misato.

As far as super robots go, Dendoh is more along the lines of Dai-Guard, than say, Mazinkaiser. Running on gigantic AA batteries (which is a design idea that Fukuda recycled for Gundam SEED), Dendoh often needs an in-battle recharge, which is facilitated by a support craft that shoots spares into its backpack. These sequences, while using stock animation, are exciting to watch. Probably the coolest feature of Dendoh is its wheel turbines grafted on its limbs, which make for some crazy-looking stunts. I love them.

By itself, Dendoh gets beat up frequently, and has to resort to using Data Weapons (along with a “Final Attack” that drains Dendoh’s energy reserves to zero). This makes monster-of-the-week episodes fun, as a good part of the battles is having the kids figure out which Data Weapon to use best. The battles are slick compared to other super robot shows, and there is slightly less reused animation than in GaoGaiGar (which still isn’t saying much). And those wheel turbines. They make everything better.

I actually like the filler episodes in this show. They’re more varied and unique than most super robot shows (again, GaoGaiGar). One filler ep has Ginga fanwanking at his favorite C-Drive member, and he goes off to save them in the middle of a concert. Another one has the entire town generating electricity for Dendoh by pedal power, which sort of reminded me of Eva. They do well in lieu of the serious multi-episode arcs going on near the final half of the show.

Dendoh runs for 39 episodes, but does not have a R1 release. Sadly, I watched this show through godawful HK subs (which have a lot of names wrong), but it’s better than nothing. Until then, THIS IS OUR FINAL GEAR!

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3 Responses to Gear Fighter Dendoh: A Review

  1. SRWfreak says:

    where did ya get the hk subs? lots of people say gaogaigar is an epic legend, though dendoh is a bit more obscure, i think. its a good example of conventionalism… plus gaogaigar is just one of the brave series… i wonder till now why shows like the might gaine and j decker did not sell, though they are still nice shows, plus the diaclone robots(think transformers G1).

    PS: Dendoh sucks in SRW Reversal!! also vega looks hot, though again, a one-hit in SRWR.

  2. Paorou says:

    You know you could have just gotten the entire season off Realitylapse, right.



  3. kudosforce says:

    As it happens, I heard that much of the series’ elements were based on a scrapped Brave series called The Saint of Braves Baan Gaan (which was featured in the PSX game series Brave Saga), so it’s no wonder why it’s so similar in feel.

    On a related note, Magenta of Aesir Subs picked up Dendoh where other groups have left it off, but it’s a side project that has been stalled in favor of other things for the moment…

    With the current focus being Smile Pretty Cure. Well, this is going to be a long wait.

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