Tomino and Punting

Arguably Tomino's greatest contribution to mobile suit combat.

Hail Victory, the pinnacle of mobile suit combat.

You know something is wrong with the director of an overglorified toy commercial when he lets the heroes play football with enemy heads. Or not really? If anything, Victory took mobile suit combat (and violence) to a crazy new level.

We miss you, Tomino. We miss beam saber vs bikini-clad woman, detachable-leg-chucking, death by shell casing, bazooka headshots, watermelon attacks, judo throw plus bullet in the head, and “I don’t think those are anything but hands anymore”.

Tomino for 30th anniversary special!

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4 Responses to Tomino and Punting

  1. TheBigN says:

    I think that’s the only thing that might have made G Gundam more awesome than it already is in terms of silliness. 😛

  2. schneider says:

    But Imagawa is a different brand of crazy!

  3. I haven’t seen much of Victory, but I’m almost tempted to link the show’s head-football to the Zanscare’s use of the guillotine.

  4. Shiro says:

    I lose count the amount of times that actually happened. 😦

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