Gundam vs Gundam PSP

And so Gundam vs Gundam arrives for the PSP, sealing the deal that it is THE portable console for mecha fans. Featuring all Gundam series from MSG to Gundam 00, this is one game that will keep you engrossed alone and with the presence of your mecha-loving friends.

Exia is in, just not in this pic.

Exia is in, just not in this pic.

The engine from Alliance vs ZAFT 2 is revamped, with a reduction in game speed. This doesn’t make the gameplay less frantic at all, though. Melee is nerfed, but we have awesome additions in the form of G-Crossover (which replaces the Awakening power-up system, instead calling upon a massive series-specific superweapon to crush your enemies), and Mobile Assists. Mobile suits are imbued with unique attributes and make for extreme diversity between units. For example, God and Master have Hyper Mode, while Zeta has DEAD PEOPLE mode.

The controls on the PSP are simple and straightforward, although some people reconfigure the controls in order to perform button combinations easier (it’s hard to press Triangle + X if you hold your PSP normally). Aside from the face button combinations, there’s no real funky stuff that you should do (like L + Triangle + Circle in Macross Ace Frontier).

The sounds in this game make for a real winner. GvG has ALL main vocal Gundam songs except for Zeta’s! That’s right, Dreams is in, as well as Just Communication and even the infamous Anime Ja Nai. The game is also fully voiced, and hearing Ryo Horikawa and Akio Otsuka side by side is a major fangasm.

Most of the fun in the game is the crossover factor. If you hate on the SEED franchise, you can kick their collective asses using Char’s Zaku II. Think Kamille sucks? Make him cry and cry using the manly God Finger, which can have a Heat End tacked on (good news for G Gundam fans: there’s also God Slash Typhoon and Sekiha Tenkyoken). Want to shut up your friends on what’s the best Gundam show ever? Show them why Turn A’s Double Gundam Hammer is the epitome of rape. Just want to humiliate people? Use Sochie and her Kapool (this is the best hook in the game for me <3)!

There’s a big replay value in this game. After getting all 4 unlockable suits, you can play with friends, and GvG, as all Gundam Vs games are made, was designed with multiplayer in mind. Expect high-level play to be technical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have simple shallow fun blowing each other up. I highly recommend you to get your PSP-toting friends to get this too!

Now, Artdink just needs to finish the UC timeline in Gundam Battle series so that it can incorporate the AU storylines…

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9 Responses to Gundam vs Gundam PSP

  1. envyitachi89 says:

    The game is insanely fun. I agree 100% with your review.

  2. Mai says:

    No Z Toki wo Koete? Guuuuh.

    But at least Dreams is in. And yes, I want to do some raping with Turn A.

  3. omo says:

    Use Sochie and her Kapool (this is the best hook in the game for me <3)!


  4. Shiro says:

    I can easily say i’d play this game just for the Kapool.

  5. Mick says:

    I suggest using Freedom, Gundam X and Nu Gundam.

  6. Paorou-sama says:

    Master Asia Player.

    My brother owns with the Zeta and the Super Gundam.

    Second favorite is Virsago.

  7. Leeroi says:

    I Like Strike Freedom,Exia,ZAKU,Zeta,II Zeta,Mark II,Destiny And 00 Raiser

  8. Leeroi says:

    There Is No Nadleeh In It

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