Gundam 00 S2: Aeolia’s Plan

It’s hard to take Titeria (which is Crusader’s loltastic nick on girl Tieria) off my mind when she’s made a huge impact by being voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya himself. God, the man sounds more convincing with the opposite gender voice than Romi Paku. It took me two days to unsee it.

Episode 8 provided us with an outlook into Aeolia Schenberg’s plan for humanity, although it may have been compromised already. It’s hard to tell if Regene is trolling Tieria or playing the Wang card at this point.

Pic somewhat related

Pic somewhat related

In Regene’s words, Aeolia’s plan is as follows:

  1. Unite the world through the actions of Celestial Being
  2. Eradicate the opposing factions through A-LAWS
  3. Advance humanity into outer space.

This far in the show, we are still in stage 2. A-LAWS is doing a decent job keeping Celestial Being in check, and is totally raping Kataron’s outdated suits. But because the Gundams will always win in a Gundam show, A-LAWS will fail. Does this mean that stage 3 will not happen? I don’t know.

The question is, is this really Aeolia’s true plan? It sounds logical and all, but recall that Aeolia and Veda themselves have been compromised by Corner. I would be inclined to think that Regene’s words are true if not for Aeolia’s postmortem message to the Meisters and the subsequent introduction of the Trans-Am system back in season 1. After all, if Aeolia planned for Celestial Being to be eradicated, then why make them harder to kill off by providing them with an amazing deus ex machina powerup? Or is this just a red herring (or God forbid, more terrible writing)?

I have two theories on this. First is that Aeolia’s plan is really the eradication of war, and nothing beyond that. Second is that Aeolia’s plan is just as according to Regene’s words. I’ll expound on these on the following paragraphs.

Theory #1: No More War

Let’s be optimistic. If Corner’s betrayal never happened, we might still have S1 Gundams fighting against non-GN suits in S2. Probably by the end, the 3 superpowers would pool their R&D efforts into something substantial and eliminate the Celestial Being threat. CB dies, Earth unites, problem solved. Or not? After all, there are two kinds of war: internal and external. All of CB’s efforts would just amount to eradicating external wars, and internal wars would still exist. Humanity, after all, is the only race that goes out of its own way to wage war with the same species as itself.

Let’s say CB does live, but is soundly defeated. Instead of withering away, they keep their GN drives and wait in the shadows until internal war does appear. Could they do this indefinitely? The logical answer would be no. No human organization can go on forever without compromising its initial principles. So it would seem that the pretext of Theory #1 is flawed. Stopping war is absolutely impossible, given how fucktarded we are as a race.

So it would seem that Aeolia is really aiming for something else…

Theory #2: Space, the Final Frontier

Assume that Regene is correct. That Aeolia/Veda did plan out CB’s destruction after all (Trans-Am notwithstanding), and had more than enough forethought to see through the whole A-LAWS versus Kataron conflict, into a 3rd stage that’s still unclear to us.

As said by the novel The Once and Future King, which is a moving treatise on the folly of war:

[Arthur] saw the problem before him as plain as a map. The fantastic thing about war was that it was fought about nothing–literally nothing. Frontiers were imaginary lines. There was no visible line between Scotland and England, although Flodden and Bannockburn had been fought about it. It was geography which was the cause–political geography. It was nothing else. Nations did not need to have the same kind of civilization, nor the same kind of leader, any more than the puffins and the guillemots did. They could keep their own civilizations, like Esquimaux and Hottentots, if they would give each other freedom of trade and free passage and access to the world. Countries would have to become counties–but counties which could keep their own culture and local laws. The imaginary lines on the earth’s surface only needed to be unimagined. The airborne birds skipped them by nature. How mad the frontiers had seemed to Lyo-lyok, and would to Man if he could learn to fly.

I do think that the book is lacking in the topic of non-territorial wars, but the message can still be applied. For every dissenting idea, all that we need to do is accept and tolerate. If we could do both, then we could all exist peacefully.

Space, being boundless, would prove a great panacea for warmongering man as it would remove the very reason for man to go to war: boundaries. However, as long as humanity still resides in Earth, there would still exist the border between the Earth sphere and the space colonies, which has still led to war, as the UC timeline would show us. Maybe we could keep humans from living on Earth! But how?

By simply making it uninhabitable. Char tried with an asteroid drop, but we don’t have huge asteroids like Axis in 00. So what’s a suitable replacement? You guessed it right. ORBITAL ELEVATORS, of course. At the very least, they would destroy humanity’s main energy source and send civilization a couple hundred years back. Man could still mine Earth for resources, but they sure wouldn’t be helped to live on it.

Of course, there would still be war. It’s a given. Even the highly-advanced civilization in Macrossverse had internal war, which turned UN Spacy into the shitty acronym that is NUNS. But since migration to space is the end, and not the means, Aeolia’s plan would be a success.

But as we know, Gundam has never tolerated the sacrifice of billions of innocent people for some evolutionary idea. The change is good, but the price would be too high. So in this sense, CB, being the stubborn people they are, would most probably fight against this happening.

Still, it is too early to conclude any of these theories to be true, as they are still incomplete. Time will tell whether Regene’s words are really Aeolia’s plan or not. I’ll have to update my thoughts on Aeolia’s plan as the show goes on.

More bad shoops!

More bad shoops to break up the wall of text!

Miscellaneous stuff of interest

“Sup guys, I’m really alive after all!” – What if the body that Corner shot wasn’t the real Aeolia Schenberg? This could prove to be interesting, and it would be absolutely a FUCK YEAH moment if Aeolia does show up in the flesh later in the show, and explain the plan in his own words. But it would be such a contrived, Geass-level plot twist.

Innovators, the new master race for space? – Regene said that Innovators would lead man to space. But given Ribbon’s uncompromising distaste for humanity, they’d be more like tyrants than leaders. That, and they’re most likely not to have balls. They also give me Abh vibes to a very small extent. At any rate, they must first seize power for stage 3 instead of just controlling it as they are doing it right now. But I might be wrong–the full extent of their control hasn’t been shown yet, anyway.

The Thrones and Corner, not as planned, or JUST AS PLANNED? – It’s still not fully explained whether these incidents (the appearance of Thrones and Corner’s betrayal) were foreseen by Veda or not. Nena did seem to have the Veda-reading ability that Tieria has. It would be funny if they were in the plan, though. Poor Celestial Being. Mizushima and Kuroda owe us an explanation.

PS: Feel free to poke at my logic. This is probably my first srsbzns post and I’m still learning the ropes yet. Any comments would be appreciated. Sucks on my uni curriculum for not providing us with enough logic courses!

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4 Responses to Gundam 00 S2: Aeolia’s Plan

  1. What you said about Aeolia is exactly what ive been thinking. In S1 I expected Corner and Ribbon’s little adventure to turn into ITS A TRAP!
    I think that Aeolia is still alive, infact I think he is Veda.

  2. rollchan says:

    you forgot Lenin, dude.

    Aeolia and Lenin looks similar, kind of…


  3. ahmed says:

    Step 4: Prepare humanity for greater entity (trail blaze movie)

  4. mechalover says:

    200 years ago (00’s timeline) Aoelia saw something rather curious near Jupiter’s orbit.
    a species in a brink of extinction
    he then had a theory that the said species would later encounter Humanity. and that was what he meant for “the dialogues that are to come”
    It will be possible only after humanity reforms itself. or rather take step on its next evolution. To become the Innovators.
    as what i’ve understood.
    Aeolia Plan consists of.
    1. Unite Humanity through Celestial Being’s armed interventions.
    2. when Humanity have been united, the Inovades(Veda’s living terminals) or rather Veda will then be used to find the Innovators.
    3. Advance Humanity into space
    4. Prepare for the dialogues that are to come.

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