Toradora is Beautiful

Watching episode 9 was a real treat, from the dream sequence to the cliffhanger. And no, this is not an episode review.


While this episode is undoubtedly good with the comedy part, it has its own sober moments too. The most striking thing is Ryuuji and Minorin’s conversation outside. I think it’s a beautiful piece of work, from the way it was presented, to the words spoken. You can take it as it is, or try to take it apart, which is what I’m quite doing now. During the scene, Minorin’s eyes are obscured a lot, but she’s talking in an extremely frank voice that is almost unlike her normal self. It shows a side of her that we haven’t seen before, a side that which we’ll probably see rarely. It’s closest to profound silence when you have Minorin around.

Pensive Minorin, charming in her own way.

Pensive Minorin, charming in her own way.

An interesting thing is that Minorin, being Minorin, doesn’t answer Ryuuji’s initial question right of the bat, and goes off a seemingly unrelated tangent. But of course, she relates the two points she raised–not believing in ghosts because she just can’t see them, and not having anyone to love because she just can’t feel it. One might say that she’s dense, or that she’s leading Ryuuji into the Friend Zone. I don’t think I’m ready to probe for the answer for that yet. It’s wonderful how introducing a random character trait (i.e. afraid of ghosts) makes her humanizing instead of just being an ADHD caricature.

Piercing the heavens, or gratuitous armpit shot? You decide.

Piercing the heavens, or gratuitous armpit shot? You decide.

Ryuuji then gives a reply: people will react to ghosts differently, anyway. Some will get shocked, some will just outright deny them, and others will see them because they try hard. The punchline here is that Ryuuji finally says that Minorin can’t be sure that she can’t see ghosts, and Minorin “ignores” him in favor of a perceived UFO. Anti-awkward distraction move! Either way, Ryuuji then continues to say something daring: that perhaps there are ghosts that are willing to be seen by Minorin. Subtle move.

The conversation then ends about seeweed ghosts and all, but we are treated to a delicious Minorin closeup shot that’s simply beautiful. It’s like she’s a different character altogether.

What is she thinking here? It's driving me crazy just trying to understand.

What is she thinking here? Note the really subtle blush on the lower cap.

Things like this make me thankful that this is my first J.C. Staff + Rie Kugimiya main show–I can enjoy it without any preconceived notions on how it must be. But you must forgive me, because I can watch this just for Minorin alone.

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11 Responses to Toradora is Beautiful

  1. RogerOskaner says:

    Oh, don’t be mistaken, most of the other JC Staff+Rie tsundere shows are just silly fanservice shows, compared to an actual romantic comedy like Toradora is so far.

    I’m also loving the attention to details. I missed that slight blush, good eye, but there’s tons of other facial expressions I noticed in the episode that add a lot to the character (and the director trying his best to take as much as he can from the novels without slowing things down).

    Damn good episode in total. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    Minorin. Is beautiful. ;D

  3. schneider says:

    @ RogerOskaner

    Perhaps I made a good decision not to watch the others? Well I did want at some point in time but got lazy, then my interest didn’t resurface anymore. And yeah, the show keeps on getting better.

    @ Kairu

    I heartily agree!

  4. foomafoo says:

    all the three girls are getting interesting except the two guys lol. I also love the episode 9.

  5. lemonpan says:

    I prefer the word toradorable.

  6. Badeyes McBlind says:

    Agreed. Toradorable.

  7. rollchan says:

    oh well, first 7 epis was good, but now, I’ve totally given up on this anime. oh well…

  8. schneider says:

    @ rollchan

    What? The show gets even better every ep! Or maybe you’re expecting something else?

  9. rollchan says:

    kinda, well, sometimes Minorin sux. but I have to give credit to her, she’s my fave there. but… well… her hyper-ish attitude makes me bored… oh well..

    Ryuji should go after Ami-chan.

  10. Lillian says:

    Minori >>> Taiga

    That is all.

  11. QER says:

    Totally agree, Minorin is fantastic ^_^

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