Hohoho, Kannagi

So the whole business about Nagi being second-hand has reached a point where it would even involve the mangaka, too. And the DORAMA is spreading like wildfire.

sunflower nagi

I’m actually happy about this. No, not the thing about Eri Takenashi herself, which I doubt will really affect the anime. I’m talking about the whole non-issue of trolls calling Nagi a slut and boycotting Kannagi merchandise.

There’s a funny paradox here. If people put a show down, that show will get even more popular. Come on, nobody would’ve cared about Musashi Gundou if no one exclaimed about the QUALITY. Sure the show was bad, but it generated interest just by being talked about. Bad publicity is better than no publicity after all.

Kannagi is no different. Throw a shitstorm about the main character, and the first reaction of any disinterested person is to get curious. “Why did they call Nagi a slut?” he will ask. Our good man, subjecting himself to in-depth research of the facts, will consider three things:

  1. Continue not caring. Ho-hum. That was one potential convert, though.
  2. Nagi IS a pig-disgusting slut, and join the troll bandwagon. Not that it matters, anyway! It’ll grow dry soon.
  3. What the fuck is this shit? Why are otaku such silly people? I will watch this show now to see what’s all the fuss! Fan counter +1

There’s very little harm done here. Trolls are nothing but part of our plan, too, in order to subvert the whole of humanity into Nagiism (and the next stage is to get these sheep to join the Tsugumi heresy). All they’re doing is stirring up waters to catch fish. Aside from some people getting discouraged from watching the show, all the DORAMA will only bring in more fans to the defense of our stricken armpit goddess.


Viva la Kannagi!

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6 Responses to Hohoho, Kannagi

  1. Kairu Ishimaru says:

    OOOH Kannagi. ^^
    Whats with the shitstorm tag? XD

  2. TheBigN says:

    Kairu: That’s basically what this dorama is causing. 😛

  3. schneider says:

    Yes, it’s all about the dorama.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    teh drama is sooooooooooo confusing. lol.

    trolling and other activities produce utility to both the troll and the spectators. I’m not saying that trolls are a service to humanity, only that they serve a niche value.

  5. rollchan says:

    Jin x Tsugumi.


  6. Paorou says:



    (Especially if they’re being sold at cheaper prices)

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