Production I.G Makes Musashi Anime Movie: Uo, Oshii~

Thanks WAH for the quip. After Sky Crawlers (which I will kill to watch right now), Mamoru Oshii is on a roll. It’s been announced that he’s working on an anime that will feature legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, with Production I.G. Musashi has been a favorite of Japanese pop culture for quite long, and I’m pleased to see a more serious and visceral take on the man himself. Official site (with trailer) here. Looks good, I’ll say! Quality Musashi, not QUALITY Musashi.


According to the ANN entry, the film will deal with the fact and fiction of Musashi’s legendary style, Niten Ichi-ryuu. I’m not sure how much fact and how much fiction will be portrayed, but as long as we see I.G quality swordplay, then all is good. Since Musashi’s style uses two swords simultaneously, it’ll be an awesome sight to watch in animation. Musashi looks too clean in the image, though, when it’s been said that he never took a bath in his life in fear of being jumped on while utterly naked and defenseless. That sense of dedication is definitely something I wouldn’t be envious of. Oh, and that wooden oar in the pic is deadly.

Also, while Oshii is credited with the concept and writing, this guy will be in charge of the actual direction. Maybe because there are no basset hounds in Sengoku-era Japan?

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2 Responses to Production I.G Makes Musashi Anime Movie: Uo, Oshii~

  1. ghostlightning says:

    I came harder than omo. I’ve been a fan of Inoue’s Vagabond manga for years and years. Even though I want Inoue’s treatment be given an animated form, I’ll take anything done well about Musashi.

  2. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    Wow, you’re actually one of the few guys who didn’t make Gundoh Musashi jokes upon reading up on the news. I’m so grateful.

    Hmm, I’ve heard good things about the Vagabond manga. Should try it out in the future.

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