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First Love, First Gunpla: Kapool

After my HG 1/144 Cherudim Gundam purchase, I decided to practice snapbuilding first using a cheap kit. A discounted 1/144 Kapool did the job, which I got for 245 php (approx. 5$). I chose the Kapool because it reminds me of Sochie <3. It took me two days to complete it, because I started late at night and my eyes were already drooping badly. If I continued on I’d cut myself with my modeling knife. I didn’t sand the kit, but panel-lined it with a Fine Gray Gundam Marker. Tragically, I ruined the marker’s tip by mistaking my knife’s cover for the marker cover. But I was able to fix it up, no worries. Practice makes perfect!


Not bad for a first job with decent tools. I’ll be bringing this to the office now, hohoho. I’m swamped already, so that’s all for now. Back to regular programming tomorrow.