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Dissidia, and More TV-5 Anime

Dissidia is awesome. The crossover fun is humongous and there’s a lot to do in the game. I daresay it’s one of the more enjoyable Squenix games I’ve played of late. The game mechanics are slick and can get technical with blocking/dodging/running the hell out of the way stuff. Also, UOORIA OPU RAITO. Best generic character name ever.

Perhaps the best hook for me is Terra (or Tina in the JP version), who is voiced by Yukari Fukui. And Onion Knight is totally hitting on her without her even noticing it, ho ho ho.

I wish it was striped...

If you’re a Filipino or interested in the Philippine local TV anime scene, read on.TV-5’s initial batch of anime (Shana, Mai Hime, Noein, and Geass R1) has ended, and they opted to air a new batch as soon as the previous ones had finished. While this is quite fine and dandy for me, I hope they keep on the old shows on rotation in the not-so immediate future.

So here are the new shows in the same old timeslots:

  1. Kamen Rider Blade
  2. Azumanga Daioh
  3. Black Blood Brothers
  4. Fushigi Yuugi

I’m not sure what to make of Kamen Rider Blade yet. While our country needs more toku, I wish they’d separate it from the new batch of anime instead. There’s a lot of good anime for the local TV scene to catch up on, since what–5 years? Screw Koreanovelas and drama remakes.

I was skeptical with the idea of airing Azumanga Daioh to the youth of today, but the dub is good and they Filipinized some of the jokes. At any rate, my brother and I had fun watching the episode earlier this day, which had Kimura-sensei deliver his pedophile confession in Filipino (“MAHILIG AKO SA BATANG BABAE!”). Well I hope the censors don’t notice it… (And then again, we’re more tolerant of icky stuff in anime, because the Gundam SEED dub was virtually uncut with all the helmet-bursting goodness. And Eva once aired here too with all the nekkid stuff.)

I’ve never heard of Black Blood Brothers, so I looked it up. Looks like a generic action show with an unsavory Alucard clone? Urk.

Fushigi Yuugi is interesting. Or rather, the idea of it being there in the first place. First of all, when TV-5 brought out their initial batch, I was expecting a trend of new local anime that were vintage 2004 and later. And Fushigi Yuugi is old. Old, and overplayed at that. I don’t like it. We’ve had cable channels AXN, Animax and GMA-7 whore it out to death. So why do you do this, TV-5? Disappointment aside, this also means that our good channel isn’t aversive to airing 90’s shows, so here’s hoping for better picks in the future.

The problem is the length. Kamen Rider Blade is 49 eps, Azumanga is 26, Black Blood Brothers is 13 (which would end in roughly two weeks from now! wut), and Fushigi Yuugi is 52 episodes long. So some shows will finish faster than the others. What’s next? How will TV-5 fill up the gaps? Are they already in negotiations for acquiring licenses for Mai Otome and Code Geass R2? Thinking of banking on Shana’s respectable success with Zero no Tsukaima? OH WAIT, I FORGOT THIS IS A DUB.

I’m hoping for more good shows to come out here. I know, I know, the dubs are bad, unfaithful and poorly mixed, but it’s still anime for everyone~