Super Robot Wars K


It seems that Banpresto is really going to exhaust the alphabet with their game nomenclature. Anyway, SRWK for the Nintendo DS has been announced, and here’s the cast list:

Mazinger Z
Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu-
Koutetsushin Jeeg
Zoids Genesis
Shinkon Gattai Godannar!!
Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! Second Season
Gun x Sword
Haja Taisei Dangaioh
Overman King Gainer
Soukyuu no Fafner
Cyber Troopers Virtual On Marz
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E.73 Stargazer

Hmm, wait. I guess you’ve noticed by now, but again, Banpresto is shelving UC Gundam from this game, and taking away Getter after its forgettable appearance in SRWW (Seriously. Ryoma & co. were only used as deus ex machina against berserk Mazinkaiser!). The handheld staple reals Nadesico and FMP aren’t appearing as well, but again the list isn’t still final. Gauron and Gates have always been sick boss fights and I’d love to beat them up all over again.

Honestly I am sick of UC Gundam plot points anyway. MX did a good job by keeping us from fighting Titans and Neo-Zeon all over again, and instead gave us the awesome Dragonar baddies. I want Banpresto to concoct more diverse storylines by using newer, more imaginative shows as series anchors, instead of relying on fan recognition to sell games. I’m looking at you, Nagahama series, and please die already (except Daimos). Even CE Gundam got awesome when it received the SRW treatment.

There’s also some serious power level imbalances here. The real robot side is going to be full of high-powered mechs. I bet we’ll have Strike Freedom, Infinite Justice, Destiny, Legend (unlockable at the very least) and Akatsuki in, once the SEED boys kiss and make up. Stargazer and Strike Noir are no pushovers either. Sadly, no Astray. I’ll miss you, Lowe and Gai.

I’m not sure why Mazinger Z is still in, but I guess he’s too much iconic to part with. Maybe next game we’ll have a better, more relevant mech series to fit in. The good thing here is that, despite our aforementioned old coot, the cast is very new. Godannar seems to have a chock full of good super robots to soak up and deal damage, and despite having ungodly amounts of fanservice, is actually a good show. I’ll go see it once I’ve cleared my backlog. I also liked Jeeg in the Alpha series, and would’ve used him if he wasn’t overshadowed by the incredibly epic cast. Too much is just as bad. And Gun X Sword’s El Dorado V would be the closest thing to a Brave mech that we can have here. Overall the super bunch is quite unique and I’d love to see how they’re crafted in the game.

The existence of Zoids also poses some interesting possibilities since it’s appearing here despite being a Takara franchise (Bandai’s great competitor). Who knows, we might get Transformers and the older Brave shows next!

And if Shiho Hahnenfuss gets in as a permanent character, I am soooo buying a DS. Because Gundam gaiden girl pilots are the best.

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3 Responses to Super Robot Wars K

  1. SRWfreak says:

    ZOIDS GENESIS!!! HAHAHAH!!! time to bring out the emulator!!! all we need is patlabor, gurren lagann, might gaine, the death surer and balatack(also the reappearance of maechanda robo) and its supa robo heavun!! tnx schneida!! u made my friggin morning!!! VOM rocks(though the game itself, not so much, but the virtuaroids are legends!! fei yen doujin ftw)

    pardon my berserking…

  2. schneider says:

    Patlabor needs to team up with Dai-Guard and Code Geass first in an low-tech, Earth-themed SRW. 😛

    And a DS is quite cheap now, and has awesome games. If more mech-themed games come out like this, I’m really gonna buy one.

  3. lockheart says:

    this game is on the ds????!!!!!

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