My Anime Backlog

In before MAL, but whatever. While most are talking about their new picks this season, I’m sifting through my backlog, because I really should. There’s a ton of stuff that I keep telling myself I should watch, but couldn’t, thanks to a combination of work, new shows, and laziness. By order of priority.


Done already. Quite bad, but got really fun in the end. Kawamori does Getter and throws in some Kabbalah stuff for the lulz. Mugen Punch, Gen Fudou, Rena and episode 19 were all awesome. And God the song is amazing, it gives me the goosebumps every time I listen to it. The slow English version also made me tear up. ;_; Great, mindless fun at hand.

Toward the Terra

Currently going through this one (episode 16 to be exact). I’m surprised with how mature it is, despite the retro-inspired character designs and vibrant colors. The Jomy-Keith rivalry has just reached awesome heights, and I don’t even know whom to root for. While I have a lot of reasons to hate Keith, his development is so stellar that I’ve become attached to him too, despite being the antagonist in the show. Endscape is also a great song.

Legend of Galactic Heroes

WHY WHY WHY ISN’T THIS AT THE TOP OF YOUR LIST you may ask. Because it’s, uh, long? Halted at episode 70. Nothing to say that hasn’t been said by enlightened LOGH-watching anibloggers already, except: live free, or Reinhard.

SDF Macross

I’d love to marathon this show and be done with it, only that I’m watching it with my brother. And my younger brother is even more wretchedly lazy in watching anime than I am. At episode 4. When is Max coming out??

Gundam X

Alpha Gaiden has recultivated my interest to see this show to its conclusion. I saw it almost 10 years ago on local TV and didn’t like it, because I was too engrossed in Gundam Wing back then. What a bad comparison. This is part of my Gundam Reeducation Plan where I rewatch the old Gundam shows of my childhood and see how much my opinions of them have changed. I watched G last year and my disposition towards it had made a complete 180-degree turn, being indoctrinated already to the value of burning passion. God willing, I can watch Wing 2nd half of the year.

First Gundam

Because my knowledge of First is comprised of OYW video games, random MAHQ raids, /m/ talk and my Gundam mentor. And I wanna see that Kukuruz Doan’s Island episode badly.

Crest of the Stars

I’ve seen the 1st season already, and even snagged Vol 1 of the manga (which also covers the 1st season, lol) in this manga-forsaken country for about $5. Will love more, but the need is not burning… yet. Perhaps I need to see more Spoor, that woman is seriously batshit crazy.

Whoops, forgot to add pics to this post. Too lazy right now, mind busy trying to concoct schemes in order to coerce people to support my AGP nominations. Srsbzns it is!

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8 Responses to My Anime Backlog

  1. ghostlightning says:


  2. usagijen says:

    Reminds me that I haven’t finished watching Aquarion, though I doubt any other aspect of the anime will prove to be much more memorable as its ‘ORGASMIC GATTAI’ xD

  3. The only one of these that I don’t have ghostlightning’s ALL CAPS YOU MUST FINISH THIS NOW attitude to is Aquarion, and that’s because I haven’t seen it myself.

  4. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    Maybe you should watch Terra yourself, too. 😛

    @ usagijen, IKnight

    You can watch Aquarion at least until Mugen Punch, when it becomes good, savory Gen Fudou’s-lesson-of-the-week. You can decide whether to drop it or not by then. By that time, I had liked it well enough already to follow through.

  5. SRWfreak says:

    havent watched ANYTHING on your list… actually ive watched robotech, macross saga. does tat count? and also watched x… though i was just a kiddo back then so i did not understand/appreciate anything out of the Lunar cannon and the virsago chestbreak. at least you didnt miss out on dai-guard… most of the anime cummunity does not know it exists. and patlabor(though has a cult following). God what do ya have to do to get patlabor dvd’s in this country?!?

  6. Camario says:

    I can understand stopping LOGH briefly, especially after each “season” ends…but if you’re already on 70 then go for it already.

    Alpha Gaiden is what has made me want to go back to Turn A, so I can definitely understand the feeling.

    First Gundam…just watch the movies, frankly, unless you have way too much free time. Or have already done so.

  7. siopao says:

    I dont even want to mention my anime backlog, but then again you already know that XD

    also, I has a copy of the remastered gundam wing eps, if you ever feel like watching it just give me a shout~

  8. lelangir says:

    I Second All Approval Of Priority Allocation To LOGH.

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