Toward the Terra: Review By Bullets

soldier blue

What it has:

  • Neo-retro character designs
  • Mu/Telepaths
  • Big BrotherGrand Mother
  • Earmuffs
  • CG spaceships
  • Depressed Tomino-level cruelty

blue and terra

What it doesn’t have:

  • Mechs
  • Battles every episode
  • Heterosexual shipping potential

jomy marquis shin

Awesome stuff:

  • The premise
  • Main character development
  • Keith Anyan, best sympathetic antagonist ever
  • Soldier Blue’s design
  • Epic rivalry
  • Sexy hair curls ❤
  • Peter Pan ;_;
  • Mu and sex education
  • Coffee-making aide is also a bodyguard
  • Voice-acting (Wakamoto narrates)
  • PEWPEW-worthy space battles
  • Heart-crushing, but deeply optimistic


Not-so-awesome stuff:

  • Too gay if your mind works like that
  • Cheap drama c/o pointless character deaths
  • Egoistic brats
  • Heart-crushing parts HURT

tony and artella

Must-watch if you love:

  • space battles
  • fierce rivalries
  • character development
  • retro aesthetics
  • OH SHI- moments
  • X-Men
  • …and earmuffs.

My two cents? Just bumped up to my top favorites.

jomy physis blue

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8 Responses to Toward the Terra: Review By Bullets

  1. It’s not a favourite of mine, but I did really like it. It didn’t really grab my interest in its initial episodes, and I had to be persuaded to keep on with it. But then I grew to appreciate it because of the first six of the seven items on your ‘Must-watch if you love’ list.

    I’m sure the female, rather than male, version of a Big Brother surveillance figure has been done before, but it was still interesting. It’s interesting, too, that our instinct is no to say ‘Big Sister’ but ‘Grand Mother’.

  2. lelangir says:

    I had to drop this. “Good” character development seemed inevitable – that is, given Jomy’s level of STFUness, I couldn’t see why Terra E was so highly regarded unless he shaped up into a respectable character. But for me it just doesn’t really do it. It seems kind of cheap.

    I’m usually not bitchy about aesthetics, but I couldn’t withstand the meteoric levels of bishie-ness and GODLY BANGS AS THEY GRACEFULLY SWEEP OVER MY EYES (i.e. Keith and to an extent Shiro) here…way too much to handle even for me.

    But not to say I was being entirely shallow, it’s just that I saw this as character design being a superficial way to emotionally anchor the viewer to the character.

    I’ll probably try to rewatch this someday…since you mention there are sword duels O_o!

  3. ghostlightning says:

    I dropped this too, like lelangir I couldn’t get behind Jomy’s STFUness.

    Mechafetish is still bugging me to watch this, so I’ll give it another shot someday.

    Also, what bothered me is how the aerial fights went: speeding craft took AGES to traverse the length of a single capital ship. IT’S NOT THAT BIG (can’t be bigger than Brunhild, or even SDF-1)! Aircraft travel fast, especially in a battle. And considering that the craft were moving in opposite direction to the capship, they would pass each other FASTER. But no, it took ages.

  4. schneider says:

    @ IKnight

    I must admit that I stopped watching after episode 7 after a while, but got back to this when I raided its art. God the art is so pretty, and enough to spark me to keep watching. By that time Keith was introduced, I was hooked.

    @ lelangir

    I’ve trapped you! By the time you’ve seen the sword duel already, you’re too late to quit. 😛

    I love those bangs. I’m a sucker for those kind of stuff.

    @ ghostlightning

    I guess that was dramatic effect? Didn’t stand out for me. Continue please.

    @ Jomy

    I think he’s less annoying than pre-ep 26 Renton. Also, there is a timeskip that drastically reduces Annoying Jomy’s screentime (and shows us Keith’s side), but I don’t blame you guys for turning astray. 😛 It really does get better.

  5. Akikaze says:

    There’s just something about sword duels in a sci-fi that i just love,as soon as i find out a sci-fi anime has sword fights i immediately put it on my plan to watch list.Just recently i found out that Heavy Metal L-Gaim has lightsaber fights 😀

    About the anime itself,i did like it quite a lot,maybe the 1st few episodes were not really that great,Jomy can be a little to annoying at the beginning but his character development is the best,Keith also rocks but from what i can remember it was their deaths that actually did not really have the same impact on me as the earlier ones,still the ending was satisfying.

  6. Nefelibata says:

    I have watched over the series twice (it is really a bit boring until the chapter 5~6), and to me it has undoubtedly achieved first place in preference. How can I say that… not that I have watched a great number of other anime titles, but to me “Terra E…” isn’t just an animation to entertain youngsters with that little and subtle message for life. I have faced deep philosophical and ethical questions that I’m not used to witness on other stories.

    Among many others, one interesting thing I noted was the way Tony called Jomy; “grandpa”, which is just the way the Mu looked after the Soldier, like the Earthlings looked after the “Grand Mother” (and so as Keith says to Jomy while they descend to the core of Earth). I mean; Mu and Earthlings are, in the deep bottom, the same, but still can’t live peacefully together – what to me poses the question “does human kind worth a thing?”. Well, simplistic, some could say… but to ask one question is one thing, to pose it artistically… hell, it’s much more difficult, and much more beautiful. I say that again; “Terra E…” is an epic artwork in form of anime. (To think that it was first published in 1979…)

  7. Wicked something-something says:

    I just finished watching the last episode… and I still have tears in my eyes :)) yes, the heart-crushing parts really HURT… and all in all it depicts very well the human “greediness” (as grand-mother says) that will eventually lead to the “dessication” of the resources on Terra… Quite depressing to see the image of a desserted Earth.. But the optimistic part is the one with the Mu.. the idea that humans could evolve into spiritual-psionic creatures… I lived every episode, and I focused so much on the action that after each 3 episodes I had to take a break, so that my head doesn’t explode because of the pain :)) I really think it was very profound and if you watch it until the end you will understand why.. 😛

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