Kurokami is Awesome… Awesomely Dumb

While there have been a few Red-haired-girl-connected-with-death-teams-up-with-pussy-guy shows in the past, Kurokami is the only show that has appealed to me. Reason: the fistfights.

Hand, awesome power, defeat you, etc.

Hand, awesome power, defeat you, etc.

The action in Kurokami is great. The fights often get bloody and visceral, and Kuro isn’t spared the violence just because she’s a cute girl with an ahoge. In fact, she gets battered every episode, and then rebounds with ball-crushing results. There’s also a sense of flow and movement in the action shots. It’s worth watching the show for this alone.

There’s a ton of bad stuff, though. The characters are wonky. Keita is unabashedly a pussy who treats Kuro like shit because she got him into trouble. You’re already involved, so deal with it! And the childhood friend character who looks more like a MILF, I’d appreciate it more if she wore cuter clothes and had a bust size two notches down. As for Kuro, she makes cute faces when not pissed off, but Kuro is still a terrible name, and much more appropriate for animals. Don’t tell me her last name is also Kami. We also have villains who look like evil bureaucrats, punks, and Electric Kenpachi. I’m not impressed.



The show also has some terrible writing. In episode 3, we’re presented a twist–thoughtful homeroom teacher is actually one of the bad guys! He takes Kuro on and beats her up, until Keita intervenes… by spraying his teacher with a fire extinguisher. And they get away with it. I would’ve thought there wouldn’t be any ass-kicking this time around, until the teacher ridicules Keita’s dead seatmate which pisses him good enough to start SYNCHRO. It’s not hard to predict what happens next.

The final thing I hate about Kurokami is the premise. Having two other persons who look exactly like you and share your luck is painfully idiotic. Do the authors of the manga even have a grasp of genetics? That, and there’s a lot of stupid terms like Tribal Ends, Master Roots, and Coexistence Equilibriums. Please. Less metaphysical crap, more FIGHTAN PLZ

But the show has an OP done by Minami Kuribayashi (whom I’ve been a fan of since Mai-Hime). I can forgive its flaws, for now, as long as the fighting doesn’t let up.

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6 Responses to Kurokami is Awesome… Awesomely Dumb

  1. Silver says:

    The premise has to do with more like how in the past asian people thought that if you met another person who looks just like you, it would be very bad. The korean author who wrote the story is just using that as a story line to use. It’s just one of those superstitions back in the day that all other countries has too.

  2. animekritik says:

    Sounds like a crappy ass show..

  3. omisyth says:

    Maybe I shouldv’e just stopped after the fight scene in the first episode. Also, FUCK KEITA.

  4. Hinano says:

    At least it’s not as awful as Shakugan no Garbage

  5. Pontifus says:

    Kurokami is full of potentially bad things that I’m generally willing to forgive in this context. Nonsensical fantasy explanations (or lack thereof) for everything? Doesn’t bother me at all; I like Haruki Murakami and Cory Doctorow well enough (not to put them on the level of Kurokami, don’t get me wrong). Shitty writing? Well, sure, arguably, but that may be unavoidable in a show like this — who knows how people would react to these ridiculous circumstances? And as to Keita — well, were I a teenager forced to undergo a heart transplant at the hands of a magical boxing loli, I’d probably be pretty whiny about it, too. At least Kuro isn’t a stock tsundere or bland magical girlfriend (well, okay, one could probably make a case for the latter), and Keita doesn’t become knightly hero material overnight; to the contrary, he’s struggling under the pressure of his situation, which is more or less what I’d expect of anyone in his position. His one or two moments of glory are a result of emo overload rather than his being a champion of justice, and I like that. He’s just some dude.

    In the end, I agree with you, essentially. Is Kurokami the next FLCL? Nope. Is it fun? Absolutely — for now, at least.

  6. schneider says:

    @ Silver

    Wow, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info, but it’s still preposterous to make such a premise in this age of SCIENCE. But at least now I know they didn’t pull it out of their asses!

    @ omisyth

    I don’t like how Keita keeps on blaming Kuro for his predicament for two episodes straight. It’s unfair for our lovable boxing girl.

    @ Hinano

    I dropped Shana after two episodes, because it really bored me.

    @ Pontifus

    Good of you to mention Murakami, but who’s that other guy? …wow, I should check his book too.

    As for Keita, I only wish that he’d be radically different from all those guys in similar situations, namely having a spine (which doesn’t necessarily equate to knightly hero material). But as of episode 3, he’s got nowhere to go, and I’m interested on how he’s going to act next.

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