Koutetsushin Jeeg

Slowpoke here, but I finally finished Koutetsushin Jeeg, after 2 years. The main reason for this was the lack of subs during its time, and I all but completely forgot about it until just recently. Anyways, it’s a great show, shame that Gurren Lagann overshadowed it while it was airing.

Epic calligraphy is epic.

Epic calligraphy is epic.

Koutetsushin Jeeg is sort of a retcon AND direct sequel to Koutetsu Jeeg. It starts off by rewriting its predecessor’s ending and performing a 50-year timeskip. Yep. Remember Micchi? She turned into an old hag, and the commander of Build Base at that! Hiroshi disappeared in his final battle with Himika, but the show gets to resolve that much later.

The setting is testament to Go Nagai’s creativity–there’s an underlying mythical touch about Jeeg’s power source and its enemies, but once the show digs deeper, we’re suddenly showered with SCIENCE explanations. Even Amaterasu is mentioned, and the battle is taken into outer space, to the moon. It’s a bit like Kannazuki no Miko without the lesbians. And as far as underground monsters go, Himika is hot.

oppai eyecatch

The music also evokes those Japanese myths as well, and the character designs are complete with retro sideburns and mad hairstyles. Those Build Angels are also a lovable bunch, even if the muscular one looks kinda like Ryoma Nagare. Oh shi- can’t unsee!

There’s something special about Jeeg itself. It definitely won’t win any awards in the raw power department, but it’s one innovative package. The mech is modular, having different sets of parts for every occasion: it has drill arms, bazooka arms, a flight configuration, and an underground configuration. It can also gattai with–oops, you’ll have to see it for yourselves. All in all, I love the idea of not relying on power output alone in winning battles, but through correct usage of mech parts. If Mazinger Z is Superman, Jeeg would be Batman. And the stock gattai sequence is always fun to watch.

Nice angle makes it larger than it actually looks...

Nice angle makes it larger than it actually looks...

The show has a bit of a sad theme in it.  Kinda like RahXephon (if you know what I mean), except with a much larger time difference.

I suggest that you watch the show yourself. It’s only 13 episodes long, and the monster-of-the-week episodes are well-written enough, ending right before they get stale. The last two episodes are made of sweet super robot fanservice, rife with hot-blooded yelling and powering up.

I like this pose the most.

I like this pose the most.

It’s also worth noting that the main character, Kenji Kusanagi, is voiced by Daisuke Ono. If you know the guy, he’s not typecasted to perform hot-blooded roles, but here he does a stellar performance. I wouldn’t even know it was him if I didn’t look it up!

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4 Responses to Koutetsushin Jeeg

  1. I’m a sort of indirect fan of this, as I love the JAM Project opening. I imagine Mazinkaiser would be an instructive contrast.

  2. sdshamshel says:

    I’m glad to see more people watching Koutetsushin Jeeg. It really was overshadowed by Gurren-Lagann, which is a shame.

    And if you don’t know yet, Koutetsushin Jeeg is going to be in the new Nintendo DS game Super Robot Wars K.

  3. schneider says:

    @ IKnight

    I didn’t fully enjoy Mazinkaiser as this one, because I’ve been spoiled by SRW Mazinkaiser (which is thrice more powerful and even space-capable). And the movie was pretty disappointing with all the cheap deaths. Best PILDER ON scene, though.

    And yeah STORMBRINGER is great. We need more thematic songs that yell out the name of the titular mech.

    @ sdshamshel

    Yeah, I know. I’m pumped up for Double Spin Storm goodness and possible combo attacks with Mazinger Z!

  4. Dayanna11 says:

    Rin and Archer = Tsubaki and Hiroshi
    Fate stay/night = Kotetsushin Jeeg

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