My Favorite Gundam (Mecha)

Mechafetish, being the Gundam connoiseur that he is, asked me about my favorite Gundam mech. And I stumped myself. If you know the franchise well, you can say that it’s a damned hard question to answer.

“Come on, anything that comes first in your mind,” he said.

“Err… Turn A?” I replied. It wasn’t a lie. I liked the Turn A, mustache and all. I loved its design, lacking the backpack entirely, which was the problem with most contemporary Okawara designs. And boy it had the coolest looking beam-rifle-and-shield combination out of all titular Gundams.

turn a

But as any Gundam fan worth his salt would tell you, one is not enough. There’s too many Gundams to love. So here are some others that my mind brought up:

Gundam NT-1 “Alex”
Mechanical Designer: Yutaka Izubuchi


Coined from a funky romanization (“RX” = “Alex”), I like the Alex because it’s designed by one of my favorite mech designers, Izubuchi. The sneaky arm cannons are really something, and the bullpup beam rifle is <3. It also has a panoramic cockpit and magnetic coating! Definitely the best mobile suit during the One Year War.

Gundam GP01Fb
Mechanical Designer: Shoji Kawamori

GP01Fb and friends

The Full Vernian GP01 was one of the reasons why I loved the action in 0083. GP01Fb was vernier porn in itself, and has unparalleled maneuverability in space. I love it.

Gundam Mk-II
Mechanical Designer: Kunio Okawara

Wallpaper size, click for full pic

The Mk-II has no special traits except being a testbed for the movable frame construction. That said, I love its proportions, and it has a bazooka! It has the sexiest kick in mecha anime, too. This shall be my first MG purchase once I master building HGs. Titans color please~

V2 Gundam
Mechanical Designer: Hajime Katoki

Another wallpaper~

It can outbeamspam both Seed and Seed Destiny.

Being the best suit League Militaire has to offer, V2 is a bit underwhelming, until it gets equipped with the Assault/Buster parts. This is the suit that Strike (multi-role suit with equipment packs) and Destiny (Wings of Light)  ripped off.

Gundam X Divider
Mechanical Designer: Kunio Okawara

x divider

Or GX 1.5. When the GX’s Satellite Cannon got damaged, Freeden’s mechanic decided to perform a major overhaul. So he replaced the shield beam rifle and Satellite Cannon with a beam machine gun and Divider shield. “What’s a Divider shield?” you ask. It’s a shield, a booster and a motherfucking beam harmonica composed of 18 beam guns. Technically a downgrade from the WMD-grade Satellite Cannon, but infinitely cooler.

Gundam Exia
Mechanical Designer: Kanetake Ebikawa


Despite my growing dislike for 00 in general, Exia remains as a great Gundam. What I like about 00 is that it turns the general purpose beam-rifle-toting main Gundam into a slashy one. While other Gundams usually dodge and shoot from range, Exia charges in. And charges in again. Exia is a persistent little guy, and that makes it awesome. I like how the folding blade/beam rifle looks integrated with the right arm, too.

So, how about you? What’s your favorite Gundam(s)? It’d be most interesting if you state your reasons, too.

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32 Responses to My Favorite Gundam (Mecha)

  1. Klutz1133 says:

    I like Zeta’s design. It has the sharp and simple feel instead of blocky and un-streamlined ones.

  2. siopao says:

    in no particular order

    Double X
    Airmaster Burst
    Z III

  3. I like all the Xs, but the X Divider is my favourite. I think it’s the harmonica cannon. And possibly the fact that it was piloted first by Garrod and then by Jamil must mean the cockpit is Infused With Awesome.

    I’ve been warming up to the (first) Victory Gundam as I watch V, too. The combining/transforming stuff is still a bit ludicrous at times, but it does make for a lot of improvisation – and Uso’s a good improviser.

    I don’t have an overall favourite Gundam design, though. (I was tempted to suggest the Zaku-head ZZ, but cooler thought prevailed.)

  4. ghostlightning says:

    Heh. Turn A can go milk a cow, ugly-ass agricultural mecha. (I didn’t mean unlovable, I meant UGLY). Alex’s “arm cannons of raep” is a great solution to the gun vs. sword problem. It doesn’t have to spend too much time switching from beam saber to projectile weapon.

    1. Gundam RX – 178 Mk II Simple, Gundam-y and gorgeous
    2. Dendrobium Freaking Orchis/Stamen
    3. GN-001 Exia (I have one, it’s 1/60 big and I love it)
    4. Gundam Freaking Virtue/Nadleeh

  5. schneider says:

    @ Klutz1133

    Zeta’s great because it’s very recognizable–it’s very distinct compared to later Gundams. And yay for Newtype shenanigans.

    @ siopao

    …I haven’t seen the ZIII yet.

    @ IKnight

    The X Divider captivated my heart when it went against the Vertigo’s bits. Great shooting.

    Good thing the Victory is mass-produced, or they won’t be able to use the parts as weapons freely!

    @ ghostlightning

    Syd Mead is a successful troll and I love his SUMO too. Alex’s arm cannons are very useful in video games.

    And a fellow Mk II lover! I’m not too hot about the Super variant though. It also holds true for 00 Gundam–I like the vanilla one better than 00 Riser.

  6. zemzelett says:

    Plutone is the bee’s knees! If they ever release a 1/100 HG gunpla of that one, I’d be first in line to buy it. Cherudim Saga isn’t too bad either. Speaking of side-story Gundams… Ex-S Gundam from Sentinel. Yowza!

  7. angrydoc says:

    I love it that you didn’t include those ridiculous gundams from SEED, Destiny and Wing.

    My faves in no particular order:

    RX-78-2 (Amuro’s)
    Ez-8 – so cool!
    Gp01Fb – love it!
    Exia – the seven swords thing is teh win!

  8. Gouf says:

    And don’t forget the retarded gundams from G

    Anyway, my favorites are the Hi-Nu Gundam, the Formula 91, the RX-78-3 (G3 Gundam) and the GX.

  9. Anko says:

    This is like a 4 month old Topic but I coudnt help but comment, ran across this while looking for a V2 Assault Buster pic.

    My 1 and Only choice is Amuro’s RX-93-2 Hi-Nu and if Zeon Suits can be included, Char’s Nightingale is a monster 2nd on my list 🙂

  10. neosonic says:

    my all time favourite will be:

    infinite justice gundam.. love the attacker fatum.

    the others are:

    seravee gundam
    v2 buster
    deathsythe hell custom
    x divider

  11. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    GP01-fb – I really enjoy high mobility suits and this guy is the king. I suppose I really like that the upgrade didn’t make fights into complete one sided battles like you’ll see in newer series, instead it just gave Kou the ability to compete with the other space suits.

    GX Divider – The badass form of GX. Trade in the plot device cannon for actual skill and a beam/booster/shield? Yes please!

    Freedom – I’ve always found Freedom to be a very aesthetically pleasing suit even if it’s mostly a DX rip off. The idea of a highly mobile heavy weapons platform really hooked me.

    Cherudim – Of all the 00 suit upgrades this one captured my attention the most. I enjoy the pistol combat which I hadn’t seen since Strike Noir, and having a dedicated sniper made me reminiscent of 08th MS Team. Also it’s Shield bits were pretty awesome.

    GP04 Gerbera – Although my only experience with it is through the PS2 game Encounter in Space, I found it to be a really enjoyable suit. It’s faster than GP01-fb but lacks it’s extraordinary mobility, it does however pack an extremely long beam rifle which fired something like a mini mega particle cannon or beam sniper. Essentially it felt like the MKII of Zephyranthes.

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  13. personally i like almost all the mobile suits but i mostly like v2 for its awesome weapons and its freaken energy wings, strike freedom for its overall epic hi-mat system, and of course the zeta gundam because i loved mb zeta gundam. in addition, i personally dont hate turn a gundam but i think it looks a little to unique and well come on the ability to whipe out civilizations with butterfly wings!

  14. olimar64 says:

    In no Order

    V2 Assault
    Advanced Woundwort EX
    Gundam Heaven’s Sword
    Sword Impulse

  15. Gunstray says:

    😀 post is live and running

    Turn X- Butterfly wings and shining figer ownedlike S#it

    Freedom: The original Himat spammer and blue wings really speaks out the name

    Kyrios: Allelujah,thats all

    Heavy Arms kai: Its a walking turret/fortress of Bullet reap, who doesnt love that

  16. LM says:

    My two most favorite Gundam are

    Gundam Wing Zero Custom : Simply beautiful, only equipped with what need to completed a missions especially for annihilation.

    Hi-Nu Gundam(Original design) : The original design is rigged looks so powerful and it has a cool big Fin Funnel docking, definitely a match for Nightingale unlike the new design which is like a downgrade from the original and no way Dragoon ever match Fin Funnel

    The others favorite MS of mine are

    Gundam F91
    Gundam Heavy Arms Custom
    Zeta Gundam

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  18. barry says:

    in no order
    i love the strike freedon with the awsome dragoon systems better that its predecessor the freedon
    the legend and providence gundams are sex on legs
    shin musha and musha MKII because there old school more about swords less prodjectile weapons
    and f91 its just so fast and cool
    death scythe hell with the double scythe and the black wings just plain great
    the destany just rocks altogether
    and finally the qubeley MKII puru because its the most eccentric design and i love the colors too
    the jagd doga (Gyunei’s) isnt too bad either

  19. aptkane says:

    Just an FYI – “ALEX” stands for Armored Layered EXamination. Not “RX”.

    Sweet pictures you got here –

    • schneider says:

      Oh, is that so? Truth be told, I heard of the “RX” thing from /m/, and it did sound like it had a grain of truth in it. But I’ll go with you on this one. Thanks for the clarification!

  20. ArkeotheEchidna says:

    I was thinking about this very topic just this week.

    1. Turn A Gundam – not only is it the most powerful mobile suit in the metaverse, it’s also probably the third most powerful mecha in history, after Ideon and TT Gurren Lagann. Also, I love how it’s completely different from the standard “Gundam” look, a fact I like to (baselessly) attribute to it being the only Gundam designed by an American. [Though it doesn’t count as a Gundam – because it’s not called Gundam – I actually like SUMO equally as much]
    2. Gundam Epyon – this was the first Gundam I ever saw and fell in love with since, like so many American fans, my first exposure to the metaseries was Gundam Wing. I love the red-on-black color scheme and the knightly ideals of combat it represents. Also, it instilled in me an identification with “the rival” in most works of fiction. I suppose this was because Zechs IS A CHAR and was meant to invoke that to an audience who had seen the original Mobile Suit Gundam, but for me it was all new and very powerful.
    3. Gundam Ez-8 – I prefer the “hard sci-fi” approach, and by extension the “real robot” subgenre. This is, by far, the most “real” mobile suit called a Gundam – no Newtype shenanigans to be found here. Also, its pilot has the most hot-blooded voice actor probably ever.
    4. Crossbone Gundam X-2 – I like this one for the same reasons that I like Epyon, in that its the rival’s MS and is melee-focussed. However, the difference is, it’s not very “super” like the Wing Gundams tend to be. And it’s a freaking pirate. Which is awesome.
    5. Zeta Plus series – Technically it’s not a Gundam, because it’s not called “Gundam,” but the Zeta Plus is obviously based on the Zeta Gundam. I like the whole series because, like the Ez-8, it feels very “real.” Clearly a transforming robot is not the paragon of “realism” but it is handled “realistically.”

    thanks for humoring my revival of an old thread. I really like the blog, though. I’m now going to be a regular reader.

  21. ArkeotheEchidna says:

    Stop me if the thread is too old for continuation, I won’t mind. But anyway, I digress:

    Why is love for the Epyon “rare around these parts”? Is it too silly with the two-headed dragon cruising mode, or what? I mean, Virsago from Gundam X is basically the Epyon + Shen-Long + huge beam weapons and it’s pretty cool, right?

    Ah well, we can’t help who we love…

    • schneider says:

      Much of it is because the Epyon’s weapons are pretty unimpressive. A whip and a sword isn’t as awe-inspiring as, say, a colony-destroying big gun. I kinda like it to some extent, though.

      I have a kit of Virsago, and it looks menacing.

      • ArkeotheEchidna says:

        Indeed, Virsago is menacing. Probably one of the reasons I liked Epyon so much was because it didn’t have a bajillion awesome weapons, compared to practically every mobile suit in the show, Leos and Tauruses excluded.

  22. kevin says:

    so its not just me who hated 00 more and more as the story and the mechas goes on..
    but dam, can’t hate exia, that design’s in my good books and its staying

    essentially my list goes with the series, i got no favorite gundam and the first thing that comes to my mind is either the ZEONG or a GM series.

    unorganized list:
    00 season 1: Exia , (maybe virtue if it didn’t have a gundam on the inside….)
    00 season 2: none
    00 trail(rage)blazer: the ELS were idiots and the 00qt had no reason to be a real robot, :I
    seed: Strike with all packs, whats his face invisible man (man this was my childhood? FML)
    Destiny: impulse with all packs (oh man i wish that was~), destiny zakus before they started posing
    AGE-1: spallow with a woolf GM head instead of standard issue AGE head
    AGE-2: Gaplant~~~ how i missed you so~~~
    AGE-3: fatass ZZ
    0079: the gundam, guncannons, Zeong, char’s little zaku
    0080: alex~ why you die alex :<
    0083: dendrobium <3, unit 1 and 2, and maybe 4 if it wasn't painted red so badly…
    0087: Mk2, gaplant, gabthley, finding nemos, QB, The O, Zeta, shiki,
    0087-88: zeta zaku <— a must have, mk2 pysco, puru
    0093: dancing Jegan, Doga, Jagd Doga, Nu, Sazabi, disco funnel pieces, both pieces of Axis
    0096: unicorn before they bullcraped the NTD into place, Nz-666 rape-proof armor, Noob tart Rezels, that one jegan…
    F91: F91, all of crossbone, that jegan that crushed a building and got its head kicked off (want diorama :<)
    all of crossbone: chuck norris, space pirates, lolis
    victory: V1, V2! STAND UP TO THE VICTORY!
    Turn A: zakus lol – funny how most people don't see the awesomeness of alientistic designs contrasting zeon zakus made about ten thousand years ago, or how much the earthen's technological leaps looked awfully like the grand daddy of gurren lagann style spiral teching –
    before i digressed…
    Turn A: Turn series, Butterflies, waldo and waldoms
    After war X: them four gundams… omg /want
    Wing: them five gundams… omg /want

    the funny thing when i say i hate 00 is that people automatically say that i'm a UC fanboy
    the funnier thing still is that nobody asked me what i hate about the original series, or what was there to like from 00.
    to be perfectly honest, theres less and less to like from gundam as the series goes on, Unicorn barely manages to scrap CCA's epicness with its stock CG grunts getting rolled in episode 4. 00 was a complete super robo mash up that had a 'epic' plot and was taken way too god dam seriously by people in universe (which kills off most of the 'epicness' that could've been derived from a lot less name calling). then of course we have our good old seed, which started out epic then suddenly went to hell after kira became god.
    and frankly, those things affect how the mobile suits from them are viewed.
    i wouldn't mind a flashy, sparkling mobile suit that was used in a realistic manner, such as remembering that things like torque, force, pressure, and or metal strength even existed. Gurren lagann had a fuck load of this and I can literally make a list why gurren lagann, a super robot show, was more realistic than 00, who was trying to realism by having people do wtf.

    Surise and bandai are cheap =___= because gundam is a giant already, everything they make will stand on the giant's shoulders. They no longer cares enough… You don't see this much fan hate for wing or x. Seriously, this much fan hate is only be mirriored by twilight's sparkling take on gay vampires and people's general distaste for their politicians.

    Hell, if Freedom and strike freedom was actually some what balanced and got a few limbs shot off from time to time and/or got trashed for a good reason in one episode, i wouldn't mind buying that kit, cuz the way it went down was epic, not like the way in the show. GOD MODE LULULULULULULULUL can't touch dis CG mesh!

  23. Jayze says:

    actually the most gundam i like is :

    Hydra gundam from G-unit. the most badass enemy gundam design in all gundam series IMO. I love it since its debut from gundam the battle master game in PSOne.

    God gundam love it design. so simple yet pretty damn give overpower damage in SRW History..

    Gundam psycho MK-III the most hardest enemies in Gundam TBM but it design is pretty cool

    Gundam Double X love it twin satellite cannon system. gave it unlimited radius on maps in G Generation with 9999~ damage. it helps me destroy large number of enemies in the game with only one shot

    Gundam Quanta full saber. looks powerful isn’t it?

  24. Val says:

    GX Divider.
    RX 93.

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