Metal Gear Fathers

It’s been a few days since I finished Xam’d, and I’ve given thought to what my post about it will be. Well, since most of its noticeable pros and cons have been highlighted already (link is sort of a portal for Xam’d stuff), I thought about writing something else.

That’s right, my favorite subplot in the show: Metal Gear Fathers.

Perhaps the show’s greatest sin is making me care about this part much more than the main course. It’s a stark contrast–the objectives are clear (rescue loli, rescue shota, confront the commander, eat bento), and there’s little mysticism to get in the way. A hard-fought battle for daughters, marriages and rice cakes, what’s not to like?

general rice cakes

This subplot engaged me emotionally because I thought the three brave men were going to die. It reminded me a bit about that episode from Eureka Seven where Renton’s grandpa risks life and limb to deliver the new refboard. Nobody died (though there were moments where I thought someone would), but it was still awesome.

There’s also the whole deal with Fusa in the background. Except the woman doesn’t want to be left behind–she’s only misunderstood! Ryuzo is made of ignorant fail! The scene of them in the bridge is beautiful, the drama fitting. Very straightforward. I wish most of the show was like this.

tsuntsun bento

Good heavens, look at the sun!

Jin (Nishimura) is a remarkable father. He’s wimpy and snivelly, but goes great lengths to protect his daughters.

daddy rage

Watch him snap!

oh snap

Nice try though.

grownup midori

[9 years later] …it was worth it.

Ryuzo is a mountain of cool. How many guys in the world can shoot someone in the head and not kill them deliberately? Or lose one eye and not stereotypically writhe in pain while covering the socket with both hands?

nice catch

What did he do instead? Nice catch. And eat his lunch.


It’s funny. I suspect Ryuzo only kept Kakisu alive to pay the bills for his clinic.

The maddening thing about Metal Gear Fathers is that it overshadows the other running plot threads going on. I do love everyone, but these guys are so cool, they steal the show in a couple of episodes without me hating them for it.

Take that, Kira Yamato.

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3 Responses to Metal Gear Fathers

  1. ghostlightning says:

    The relationships and their respective melodramatic treatments/scenes are what keeps the show on solid earth and not dissolving into bright butterfly goo, as it seems to at times, and especially before the end.

  2. Lbrevis says:

    I loved this side plot. There was something undeniably cool about these middle aged guys going out and storming the castle so to speak.

    The scene with Ryuzo and Fusa was great as well. I really thought he’d die after that but I’m glad he didn’t. Now that he’s lost an eye I propose that he become a pirate…

  3. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning


    @ Lbrevis

    I actually thought he was awesome enough to grow a new one, but still, nifty glasses.

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