Before I Knew It, I Became An Ouran Fanboy

I recently tried my luck at Ouran, a show which I had glossed over during my Suzumiya fanboying days (“Other Haruhi? Bah, she fails for not having aliens, time travelers and espers!”). My friend didn’t really help with his testimonial that while it was a good show, it wasn’t something he wanted his mom to catch him watching because it would make him look gay.

This is my Ouran face

This is my Ouran face

And there’s the trap (or should I say reverse-trap?). Ouran is totally happy gay, but not homo gay. Unless you make a point about the Hitachin brothers and their yaoi role-playing, which thankfully fades away from the course of the show anyway. Watching this certainly does not subtract any manliness points–I daresay there are life lessons to be learned by any manly man who desires to increase their appeal!

Manly Tamaki

The show solidifies my belief that I shouldn’t be put off by the first glance–look at Godannar, an anime I thought crass and immature but ended up being the total opposite. Ouran turned out to be a wholesome shoujo comedy that delivered enough levels of sweetness (like Hikaru’s date ep). It even had wicked 4th-wall breakings and Giant Robo/RahXephon references.  I like it more now than that other Haruhi show. What a hussy.

PS: I still can’t unhear Setsuna F. Seiei over Tamaki. Dammit, Mamoru Miyano.

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9 Responses to Before I Knew It, I Became An Ouran Fanboy

  1. ghostlightning says:

    This is probably mai waifu’s favorite show. I got to see a whole bunch of episodes because she’s that into it, but while I acknowledge that it is probably that good, I never got into it.

  2. biankita says:

    love this show ❤ it cemented my return to anime fangirlism. this haruhi is more of a goddess than the other haruhi.

  3. Definitely an amazing show. Character-wise, this Haruhi is probably better, in spite of my intrinsic connection to the other, but I’d say the anime with Haruhi in the name remains the one I like more. Ouran grabbed me with it’s humor and characters but sold me with it’s directing. From Tamaki folding his legs and the lightbulb trick in the first ep, I knew I was in for something great, and the director didn’t let me down, going on to make one of my favorite anime eps 13 eps later.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:


  5. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    Too bad.

    @ biankita

    Her greatest power is to look good in all sorts of clothes. Also a Maaya character who isn’t blatantly gifted at singing. Frederick-sama!

    @ d-boy

    The lightbulbs were great stuff. I don’t know jack about directing, but I did like the visuals.

    @ Baka-Raptor

    Get thee to a nunnery.

  6. Ryan A says:

    Ouran is gold… simply for Tamaki. As a character, the guy is like the suave Che, and pretty much a rarity. Adding in the other factors of the series (especially Haruhi <3) it’s completely awesome!

    Loved it ^_^

  7. usagijen says:

    “The show solidifies my belief that I shouldn’t be put off by the first glance” Because first impressions are not meant to last!! Glad you gave this another chance, and LOVED it too.

    Ouran has a special place in my heart, not only because it’s sooo good, but because it lifted my spirits up when I was feeling all down and depressed one time. So yeah, Ouran <333

  8. gaguri says:

    Haha I love that Ouran face. Yep, Ouran is awesome ❤

  9. Kiri says:

    Love this series. Was also initially very skeptical, but whaddaya know.

    I occasionally hear Light Yagami as Tamaki, but it isn’t that bothersome. I really do like the dub version too though. :3

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