Sutepri is Easy Mode

I just finished Scrapped Princess, and decided to write this post. Something struck me from the 1st episode alone, and it’s bothered me up until the end. What is it?

Pacifica is playing on Easy Mode. For a person who’s rumored to destroy the world on her 16th birthday (which is already fast approaching at the start of the show), it’s like her ill-wishers aren’t even trying hard, or are just pushovers.


Let’s start with Chris. He could’ve killed Pacifica on his first try alone (he got to her while her protectors were distracted), but no, he only pointed out Pacifica’s defenselessness and melted away without harming a hair on her head. For a hardened elite soldier, this is unthinkable, and the explanation for it–the Guardian gene (which gives its bearer a tendency to protect Pacifica despite his/her upbringing)–is even wonkier.

The Church of Mauser wants Pacifica dead badly, but seems to slack off in trying to kill her. For an assassin, Keydarf is too laid-back, even more so than Chris. And he has the Guardian gene too! Later on in the show, he ends up protecting Pacifica to make up for his initial hostility towards her. The Church seems to be well-off (it’s the only religion in the world after all), you’d think they have more resources to hire people who would get the job done.

The Royal Army is also incompetent. Sturm is the only guy outside the Obstinate Arrows who’s a decent soldier, and he doesn’t even try to harm Pacifica (in fact he lets her go). The soldiers are all gullible and fodder against named characters like Shannon and Fulle.

The Peacemakers are the worst. I understand that they’re not allowed to hurt Pacifica directly, but their powers are more than enough to subdue her many times throughout the show. For emotionless, rational beings, they’re pretty hesitant in carrying out their duty–frequently passing up clear opportunities to deal away with Pacifica once and for all . They’re 5000 years old, and that’s a long enough time to be virtually impervious to human trickery. But oftentimes the humans get away with their lives, and all of them are killed cheaply and unceremoniously in the end. What.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Sutepri immensely. It had great character drama (Fulle’s being the best), and I could always turn off my brain and just ogle at Pacifica’s curls. The aerial battles were incredible, but again it was still Easy Mode–hell, none of Senes’s wingmen were even killed despite incredible odds. The show never gave me an impression that Pacifica’s life was in serious danger.

Maybe I’m looking at the show the wrong way. It’s definitely not A Song of Ice and Fire, but I expected a more formidable antagonist in this series.

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5 Responses to Sutepri is Easy Mode

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was very bothered by this! The first time the two peacemakers were like ‘lets kill her later!’ I was just like, why? so they can get more powerful? are you idiots?!

  2. OGT says:

    I watched Scrapped Princess years ago (2003, when it came out), but (by my recollections) that’s pretty much what it was. I remember liking it at the time, not to any significant degree (Pacifica~).

    Basically, what it is is extremely pleasant, light, fluffy science fantasy. No shame in that, but perhaps no glory either. I was pretty depressed at the time I watched it, though, so that might color my perception a bit in one or the other direction.

  3. moritheil says:

    I did also think that it had set forth a lot of world details whose ramifications were ignored. Of course the guardian gene thing was pretty hokey (the Peacemakers knew about it, didn’t they? It’s been years since I watched.) If the purpose of the Peacemakers was to prevent the end of the world, you’d think they’d have used their 5000 years to amass power over human society and ensure that the Guardians don’t link up with the Princess – or at the very least aren’t the ones entrusted with killing her!

    It was basically drama without the full heaviness that would normally cause said drama. For the end of the world, I would expect a lot more intrigue and ancient machinations surfacing.

  4. schneider says:

    @ digitalboy

    Yeah, I remember that scene. Wut

    @ OGT

    I still felt a sense of wonder with the Sutepri world, world-building problems aside. Science-powered magic was still great with all the incredible effects (I love those… lines). Upside-down Korea? Ohohoho.

    @ moritheil

    I think the Peacemakers knew about the Guardian gene but didn’t seem to give a damn about the Guardians themselves because they’re confident that humans don’t pose a threat. Well, Zephy and Shannon changed that.

    I’m rather interested to check the book, if it ever floats up in English…

  5. There are several volumes out in english already lol

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