Thoughts on SRWK


  • A lot of BGM and interface sounds were recycled from W.
  • Difficulty is a step up W, in which the hardest parts were the Lambda Driver AS. Stumbling block: Stargazer stage.
  • No voices. Drat.
  • The anime cut-ins are all superbly done.
  • /m/ said this is only 35 stages, with 10 more after 1st playthrough. Short game is short.
  • The world map looks very different, owing to alternate worlds like OKG, Gun x Sword and Zoids Genesis. But I believe there’s no dimension-hopping or the sort.
  • Partner Unit System is great. It allows you to deploy almost every unit, and is easier to manage than the Squad Systems of the Alpha series.
  • The repair/resupply units can help themselves. No more whining about how Aphrodite A is defenseless!
  • No SP Regen ;_;


  • You can only use the Dannar base mechs. Shame, no MUSHIN ITTAI GODDINER!
  • Lou joins and leaves, don’t know if she’ll return (and if her sugar daddy joins too).
  • I ā¤ Neo Okusaer’s barrier, which can nullify most attacks.
  • Godannar has INSANE offensive power.
  • Shizuru and Kouji are very decent, too.
  • Funny that the pilot cut-ins have no bounce, but the mechs do.

Gun X Sword:

  • Rumor: you can save Michael and Fasalina. Haven’t gone that far yet.
  • Dann of Thursday is made of RAPE. Van’s morale acts as a damage multiplier too, and he does virtually double damage on 150 morale.
  • Brownie and El Dorado V appear early on in one stage, but don’t actually join. I hope to get them soon.
  • Infierno y Cielo, best homage attack ever.

Koutetsushin Jeeg:

  • Jeeg is built like a Real with the strength of a Super. Awesome combination.
  • Bronze Bell powerup is cash.
  • Unlike the Alpha version Jeeg, blown up = death. No surviving Jeeg Heads, sorry.

Mazinger Z

  • The lack of Great, Mazinkaiser and Grendizer is appeased by buffing Z up in terms of stats.
  • Once it gets Mazin Power and new attacks, Z transforms into a powerhouse.
  • Boss is as funny as ever and has his own Dynamic Special attack now.

Gundam SEED Stargazer:

  • Stargazer story proper is resolved in 1 stage, which is very hard unless you know what you’re doing. Tip: Cast Accel on everyone and rush towards the DSSD units. Take on the van, not the rear.
  • The Phantom Pain unit is annoying with the Variable Phase-Shift Armor, and dishes out a lot of damage.
  • Rumor is that you can save Blu Duel and Verde Buster along with its pilots, but I didn’t get them.
  • Stargazer is rather disappointing, but it can nullify beam attacks, oh joy! (Also, final attack works like in the anime, hohoho)

Gundam SEED Destiny:

  • Fuck, Kira and Athrun are even more overpowered here than in W. Both can OHKO grunts in the stage that they appear.
  • It’s the return of Angry Lacus and her dodging Eternal! As for the Eternal, it counts as a deployable unit. And can repair/resupply stuff too.
  • Cagalli can actually pilot something.
  • DOM Trooper \o/
  • No Shiho Hahnenfuss boo~
  • Recruitable Heine, if you get to convince him with Athrun on the stage he appears in. I didn’t.

Virtual On:

  • Unlike in Alpha 3, you actually get to fight Virtual On enemies. And they’re quite strong with MAP attacks to boot.
  • I have Temjin, Hatter and Fei-Yen right now, don’t know if I’ll get more. All are pretty solid.


  • Pretty underwhelming. Its only real asset is the massive amount of pilots.
  • That said, Cross Fight is a great theme.

Gaiking LODM:

  • Goddamn Gaiking has a lot of combination attacks. And I mean A LOT.
  • Face Open animation is the Goldion Hammer of this game. Too much win.
  • The support units are all decent.
  • Daikyu Maryu is pretty powerful, even without the Gaiking face. I use it as a front-liner too.

Zoids Genesis:

  • I’m not sure what the “V” label in some of their attacks mean.
  • Overall pretty solid, but pales in comparison to the CE units.

Soukyuu no Fafner:

  • I know next to nothing about this series except for the Hisashi Hirai character designs, but the mechs are more than pretty.
  • LOL at the masked guy. Reminds me of Rom Stoll.
  • At any rate, I hate the Fafner baddies, they’re annoying.

Overman King Gainer:

  • YASSABA GET. Also, that blonde S&M chick too. Just got them.
  • King Gainer packs a lot of punch but is fragile as hell. I use him for the Chain Attacks.

Banpresto Originals:

  • The main mech (orange) looks really good, and its attacks are all lovingly animated. However, I get the feeling that it’s uninspired. Final attack is like Shine Spark + Akashic Buster + Code Kirin + random shooting. Overall great stats, but still inferior to, say, Strike Freedom.
  • The other mechs are strictly repair/resupply units.
  • You can choose between the meganekko or the brown girl to gattai with. You know who I want.
  • The villain mech looks like a Katoki-fied Devil Gundam. Pilot doesn’t look all too human either complete with shit-eating grin.

How this relates to my anime viewing:

  • I’m rather sold on Fafner so I’m going to check it out real soon.
  • Gaiking LODM seems to be a testosterone-charged kid’s show. Want.
  • Remind me to continue OKG too. It’s a fun show.
  • Gun X Sword might be okay enough for a few shits and giggles.
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10 Responses to Thoughts on SRWK

  1. Karry says:

    Oh, so you’re one of those five people who will actually play this game outside of Japan ?

  2. schneider says:

    Five? Lol no. There’s like a legion of us playing this. šŸ˜›

  3. M-Gay says:

    I sense kids

  4. Turambar says:

    The sheer number of supply + repair units in the game is astounding…

  5. Karry says:

    A legion ? Yeah, right. Those who played SRWOG – THOSE are the legion, not you and the likes. Nobody cares about a game series that will never be translated.

  6. schneider says:

    @ M-Gay

    No comment. šŸ˜›

    @ Turambar

    LOL YES. Most weak units (like Strike Rouge) can repair stuff. Pair them with heavy hitters and they do the auto-regen HP/EN from the squad systems. With good PU management you can wipe the floor with your army.

    @ Karry

    Japanese aren’t the only ones who can understand Japanese. Also, some still do play in spite of not understanding Japanese. šŸ˜›

  7. Turambar says:

    Boss Borot is now useful. What is the world coming to…

  8. ABXYLR says:

    Like me. The “not understanding japanese but playing anyway” thing.

    And now I’m wondering where the purple hair girl with the ribbon is from.

  9. M-Gay says:

    Who needs translations when those hotblooded attack animations can give one enough mechgasms for a lifetime

    I barely understand those runes but I still play SRW anyway

  10. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    “Iā€™m not sure what the ā€œVā€ label in some of their attacks mean.”

    It’s been a while since I played it but as I recall that meant the weapon is made of Metal Zi and thus overcomes the Bio-zoids innate damage resistance.

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