In Conclusion: Gundam 00

0 vs Exia

The final fight of Gundam 00 is symbolic for a number of reasons. It may be interpreted as a clash between the new school of Gundam (modern AUs like SEED and 00), and the old school (UC). But the nice tidbit that I noticed here is that Setsuna is actually fighting his god, the 0 Gundam that which had set his life down the path of a Gundam Meister.

Indeed, the story comes full circle from the battle-scarred boy looking up at the angelic Gundam, to the now grown-up man stabbing his former god through the cockpit. Could Ribbons have foreseen this? Kill all witnesses, his orders were, but he spared the dumbfounded boy who seemed to have witnessed a religious epiphany, because Ribbons liked the feeling of being revered. Ironically, a very human act.

In Aeolia’s original plan (i.e. the plan that would’ve been executed without Corner’s interference), Setsuna was intended to be used as a pawn, destined to be swallowed up by the beast of the world which he was to stir up. He survived, yes, but how does an abandoned pawn find the will to live? In coming up with a new goal in life, that is. Setsuna could have swallowed it up and find a more peaceful way of living, but he refused to stay down. (This is the part of him which I like the most, his sheer stubbornness, his willingness to clean up the mess he had started.) And down the long, battle-heavy road, Setsuna strikes the 0 Gundam down, and is reborn anew–in killing his old god, he affirms his power to carve his own way to the future.

Gundam 00 may have its bad points, but I choose to find a positive meaning out of it.

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4 Responses to In Conclusion: Gundam 00

  1. ghostlightning says:

    On a meta level, Not-Amuro on the Not-RX-78-2 was a delicious piece of fanservice. This may please me more than others, but I’ve been big on continuity pr0n for some time now (I got old lol).

    Also, on a meta-personal level, it pleased me a lot that Exia was back. I had always been a fan of SExia ever since I saw the first episode of 00 over a year ago: my gateway Gundam, my gateway model suit. I’ve liked other suits in the past, but SExia is one that I adored. I was Broshidofisting with my 1/60 model while the fight was happening and I was w00ting all the way.

    At the start of the 2nd season I was saddened by how Exia was destroyed (not a complaint, rather a genuine mourning at its passing). I was so thrilled at how it (R2?) popped up just like the Lucky Colasaur in the end.

    And OH! Speaking about ghostlightning-pleasers, Daybreak’s Bell started playing, one of my favorite Gundam themes. I know you don’t like it, but it did for me what I love about anime themes: it got me excited about each coming show. It wasn’t quite the same as Sora iro Days in the Gurren Lagann finale, but I love it nonetheless.

    I’m kind of sad that there’s no more ongoing Gundam, but I’m very happy and relieved that Gundam 00 ended the way it did.

  2. ETERNAL says:

    Well said. I enjoyed the ending of the series a lot more than I expected myself to, and the final battle resonated with me, both due to its dramatic conclusion and its deeper meaning.

  3. sadakups says:

    Just how come not a lot of people think the same way as you when it comes to Gundam 00. If anything, GSD is to blamed for this “trend” of bashing any other Sunrise production after it.

  4. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I’d say much of my dislike for Daybreak’s Bell disappeared during the wait between seasons. My main gripe with it anyway was it didn’t work as a fantastic OP.


    Might you be interested in the older Gundam shows, then?

    @ sadakups

    Maybe it was because people set their hopes too high. I’m to be blamed as well but I adjusted my expectations as the show went on, so I ended up still liking it a big deal.

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