Xu Chu Reminds Us Why Fat Guys Are Still Awesome

Fat men are less common in anime than they were decades ago. When I watched anime in my childhood (most of them adaptations of western classics like Tom Sawyer), there was always a token fat guy. Voltes V had one, too. But after Gundam Wing exploded in the local anime scene, they just became rarer and rarer.

I’m guessing that it has something to do with anime being fujoshi-friendly. After all, it’s hard to imagine fangirls drooling over Ryu Jose’s round body. (Well, there’s got to be a weird fetishist for that.) Or maybe because being fat is  undesirable in today’s aesthetic standards. Then again, being CLAMP-thin is just as bad, too! It’s not a big loss, I admit,  but it’s a shame, since fat guys do have their own brand of manliness, as evidenced by /m/en like Musashi Tomoe.

That said, I find Souten Kouro to be awesome because it has a fat guy who does badass things, in an era where fat anime characters are an endangered species. I’m talking about Xu Chu. You may know him from playing Dynasty Warriors–he’s one of Cao Cao’s bodyguards, is extremely fat, and carries the equivalent of a wrecking ball attached to a stick. In his Souten Kouro incarnation, Xu Chu is ten times more violent.

In the first episode alone, Xu Chu:

  • hurls a boulder against a large bell, and the resulting CLANG stuns everyone within the area.
  • lifts a bandit off his feet with one hand and twists his neck. It is hilarious.
  • catches a charging assailant by the legs of his horse and hurls both sky-high.
  • knocks a person’s head off with a thrown Buddha statue.
  • backhands a poor soul into a mountain.



And if manliness is your only concern, Souten Kouro has it in spades. It may not be batshit insane like Sengoku Basara, but it’s made up of pure, serious badassery.

PS: Episode 2 is already out but there are still no subs.

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4 Responses to Xu Chu Reminds Us Why Fat Guys Are Still Awesome

  1. Only badass fat man from a relatively recent show I can think of is Fat Man from Spriggan. There’s some token fat dudes in anime still. Basquash has one, and so did Blue Drop.

  2. lelangir says:

    Sister from Now and Then (Shaq?)

    but IMO this series is ignorable…unless you’re really into fat man GAR

  3. ghostlightning says:

    hmmm will probably check out when it’s all done.

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