What I Watched Today: Might Gaine

I’ve been putting off starting on Might Gaine due to lack of good subs, but I finally gave in and acquired the only subs floating around, courtesy of HK. Their translation wasn’t half-bad, but they got all the names wrong (how the hell did “Maito” become “Showei” anyway?). Well, I’m just happy to be able to watch the show.

For those of you in the dark, Might Gaine is just one anime of the long-running Brave Series, in which the most famous representative would be GaoGaiGar. Might Gaine didn’t have the luxury of being made available to the Western world due to a falling-out between toymaker Takara (which was responsible for the Brave Series toys until GaoGaiGar) and animation studio Sunrise. However, its fans boldly claim that it is just as good, if not better, than its more popular cousin.

Might Gaine logo

The first episode was pretty awesome. It starts off with a bank robbery (perpetrated by goons who suspiciously look like Akahana from First Gundam) with giant robots. The police step in with robots of their own (!), but the bad guys still beat them to a pulp. Then a teenager named Maito  (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama) appears on a flying train, giving orders to a sentient train-robot, Gaine. Gaine challenges the bad guys, whoop their asses badly, and Maito shoots a gigantic pair of handcuffs at the fleeing thieves, tying them to a lamppost. All in the first five minutes of the show.


Afterwards, we’re treated to a Maito shower scene, and a scene of some mad scientist with a diabolical plan to steal the city’s electricity using a giant robot. A friend of Maito appears, whom Maito is supposed to make up to for cancelling an appointment thanks to his crimefighting. The rest serves to show how filthy-rich Maito is, due to inheriting his parents’ train company after a freak accident three years ago. Yes, his parents are deaaaaaaaaaad, but at least he doesn’t loaf around in a bat-suit.

Back to mad scientist, who doesn’t waste time smashing his way into a power plant and rids the whole city of electricity. A girl is shown with her little brother, waiting in a hospital while their father is being operated on. Of course, the power outage jeopardizes the operation’s chances of success severely, and the girl runs off to the power plant to talk the bad guys out of their crime. The robot almost stomps her flat, and she sprains her ankle. Wut.

Might Gaine

Maito and Gaine arrive, and waste no time in dealing with the enemy robot. Maito takes the girl to a safer place, and refuses to introduce himself. Gaine gets into a bit of trouble. Maito calls for LOCOMORISER and in a lovingly-animated gattai sequence (which we’ll probably see for the rest of the show), forms Might Gaine. Maito makes a badass speech and destroys the enemy robot in one blow with his cool sword. The bad guys escape, and no flying handcuffs for them this time around.

After the battle, the girl is back in the hospital, and rejoices as her father’s operation is successful. She thinks about Maito, who saved the day. The end. Whoa, I thought to myself. A very fun first episode (from the robbery to Spanish olives to the Might Gaine battle), and Might Gaine looks more impressive than GaoGaiGar, in terms of introductions. And trains! I expect to see more locomotive insanity in the future.

Until then, have this Sally:


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