First Love, Eureka Seven

(Massive spoilers for Eureka Seven)

I virtually grew up on anime. Voltes V was a cultural phenomenon here in the Philippines, and it still appears on TV every now and then. My main course of anime in my elementary school years was composed of World Masterpiece Theater shows (Tom Sawyer, Cedie, Princess Sara, A Dog of Flanders, Romeo, etc). There also was the occasional Sailor Moon on Saturdays, which I’m still afraid to admit to have watched IRL. As I grew older, I saw four Gundam shows, a Witch Hunter Robin here, DBZ, and Cowboy Bebop, which I thought was a darn good cartoon but never really grabbed me by the balls. Perhaps a rewatch is in order.

I didn’t watch fansubbed anime until 2006, when I was finishing my 1st year at uni and having just acquired my laptop. Enthusiastic to fill it with something substantial other than boring schoolwork, I turned to my blockmates–then my senpai of anime–for anime to abuse our uni’s bandwidth for.

Then there was my soft-spoken friend, who gave a shrug and casually said, “Eureka Seven.”

That was how I got acquainted with the anime that changed my life, just the title. And it was more than enough to get myself a few episodes of it.

True Love

Understand that I was a mecha fan since my younger years when I had stumbled upon Daimos, Voltes V’s less-known cousin. I had seen Robotech up until Pineapple Salad, and could tell each of the Gundams apart. But nothing prepared me for the LFOs. The mechs were lithe, graceful and Nirvash’s eyes were all too human. They were surfing. SURFING IN THE SKY. And they could transform!

I got into the show easily. Eureka, glorious blue-haired Eureka, crashing down on Renton’s place with the sexiest robot I had seen since Nobel Gundam and its her gaudy ribbons. I. Can. Fly. Renton’s spontaneous confession. Seven Swell. I had entered E7 without expectations, and it set the bar for everything I have seen, and will see.

I watched smoothly, a few episodes here and there, without any rush. I was enjoying the ride, simply put. Episode 13 came along. My heart felt something unexplainable when those two teenagers, enemies before and yet after, banded together in a cranky bike to get medicine for the girls they loved. Renton and Dominic were true BROS. I then knew that something must be done–watch more of this show, until I had caught up with the airing.

It's a platypus, isn't it?

The appearance of Ray and Charles was something I cherished. But the moment Renton buried his face in Charles’s chest hair, I thought that this will not last, and that something would come to deal Renton a bad hand again.  I remember not being able to sleep after seeing episodes 27-28. It was that hard–they were the ideal parents that Renton could never have, just because.

And then suddenly, the subs stopped. I found myself stuck at episode 33, unable to go further. There was nothing I could do, but wait it out and watch other shows. And so I watched many anime. Good shows, bad shows, I watched everything that my friends told me about, that /a/ was talking about. I started my exodus to /m/ around that time.

A year passed. Despite how much love I felt for the show, I had all but forgotten it, mired deep in my ongoing mecha education. The subs finished, I had my DSL at home, and it would only take me a few clicks (and half a week) to be back on track. I recommended the show to friends, and they finished it earlier than what it took me (more than a year).

I realized how much of a failure of a fan I was. Come on!

One fine day, when my torrents were all properly seeded above the ratio of 2.0, I started the journey back to my first anime love. I never realized how much I missed E7 until then, and I blazed through the exposition in the mid 30’s that was long overdue. I met Norbu and his past, and ronery Anemone.  I cheered during the soccer match, a well-placed filler episode that served as rest not just for the cast but for the audience, as well.


The last OP (Sakura) appeared and the show kicked into overdrive. I was introduced to the Devilfish–which combined the sexiness of an LFO and the extreme piloting conditions of Tallgeese. Everyone became better, even the animation. Especially the animation. Shit blew up prettily, and in the midst of them all Dominic shed his adult pretensions and admitted his love to a group of strangers. I was laughing at him the whole time, and mourning my own inability to be as honest as he was.

And then I finished the whole thing. GOD, I thought. It’s been so long!  I’ve changed so much since then. I have seen quite a lot of shows already, but after finishing Eureka Seven, I still felt I had a lot more to go. My watching habits have eaten up a great deal of my life, and I was ready to start the next show I was planning to watch. It is a strange and crazy love that compels me to do such things, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I’m not a critic or a scholar or an expert (hohoho). I’m just a consumer of entertainment who happens to post on a blog. On a busy day, I want nothing more than to slump in front of the computer and watch the sort of anime that would prep me up for the next day and keep me hopeful for the next windfall in my life. Finally working now, I’m looking at the consumption of anime for productivity. And in the end, Eureka Seven conveys to me exactly what I want out of anime, a life-affirming message.

Love conquers all

I have a lot more to say about me and Eureka Seven, but that would probably be too self-serving and incoherent. Again, I’m very thankful to have been introduced to anime through such an awesome gateway.

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36 Responses to First Love, Eureka Seven

  1. ghostlightning says:


  2. Martin says:

    You’ve made me want to watch it again now. Really.

    E7 was one of those shows that reminds you of how fun and affecting the medium can be…to quote one of Ghostlightning’s favourite philosophies, you’ve helped me remember love!

    Now all I need is a free weekend to marathon through the whole damn thing…

    • schneider says:

      Wow, you plan to marathon all of it on one weekend? Extreme. I want to rewatch the show, but maybe in trickles, just like what I’m doing with the one 50-episode anime I’m watching right now, five times a week.

  3. sadakups says:

    In my case, ghostlightning started my plans of rewatching Eureka Seven. Unfortunately though, my hard copies started to deteriorate (it’s been three years since I burned the whole series to discs. Don’t worry, I never distributed nor sold them, so don’t try calling the OMB and accuse me of piracy).

    Has anyone seen the movie adaptation?

  4. poetzy says:

    i just finish re watching it for the second and time its my favorite anime. iv seen lots of shows but e7 what ill be telling my kids about.
    id loved anime since i was a kid but e7 was the first and only so far to go beyond “just to entertain”. it made me think about life family and conflict. now i have myself a problem after the re watch i cant watch any other anime becouse i want more out of them then your average show can give.
    oh and i heard the movie was disappointing

  5. Ben says:

    I loved your post! It summed up some of my favorite moments in E7, or any anime, and reminded me how much connection I feel to this genre (on a very personal level).

  6. Khan says:

    Well what can i say about this it made me sad that my life is not as exciting as there’s was and it brung me down for a few weeks i didnt want e7 to end and when it did i felt odd like a big part of my life had gone e7 was an amazing anime and a true work of art and has changed my life its been 2 days since i finished it and im allready a better person i want to try harder and make my life better and one thing from that anime stick’s
    “dont beg for things , do it yourself or you will never get anything” thanks e7 u have shown me so much.

  7. RadioFrndly says:

    Honestly changed my life. To the center of the sun! I can fly!

  8. RadioFrndly says:

    Honestly changed my life. To the center of the sun! I can fly!

    Don’t beg for things.

    The first story to awe me, strike jealousy, make me miss the possibility of who I could have been, and encourage me to become that person I want to be.

    Thanks for you review.

  9. Noname says:

    I’m in love with Eureka I would do anything for her if she was real, I’m jelous of Renton. Too bad that those kind of girls don’t exist irl.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry for my terrible post earlier about eureka7,, i was stressed out yesterday and i was out of my mind,, really sorry for what i wrote about you guys,, though i’m the one who wrote it, i never meant it that way,, i truly feel the same way about eureka7 like you do,, (sory 4 bad english)

    for admin,, please delete my post earlier,, i hope no one saw it already,,
    Btw,, eureka7 is the best anime for me (really, i’ve seen many but E7 still the best), and i love eureka’s hairstyle in the first and the last few episodes,, she looks pretty,,

  11. linuzappz says:

    wow.. yeah. it`s been so long since I watch all 50 eps and going through crazy time to find the continuation. I`ve try the manga, the movie, etc but it`s all just make the situation even worse. In the Series Eureka and Renton Vanished to save the world. Eureka lost her memory and ability to speak in movie. Eureka Vanished along with the coralian in the Manga. It`s all Ended badly.

    And then I try to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. It have similiar character with Eureka, Rei. I`ve try the original series, The End of Evangelion, The Rebuilt of Evangelion 1 and 2 (ongoing). But it`s really are some piece of Heart-Changing-Anime to watch.

    It`s all good. It`s all good. I`m still hoping Eureka will get on continuation again. I`ve find some Continuation fact and now will wait patiently like you guys do back then.

    • schneider says:

      I did not like the movie that much, mainly because it did a weak job at trying to tie up to the main series, and some characters were total assholes.

      And the manga just takes away what’s good with the TV series, so I’m not touching that.

  12. MarkyMark says:

    wait linuzappa have you really found some continuation facts out there?Can you share it with us here please?

  13. MarkyMark says:

    thanks linuzappz

  14. linuzappz says:

    excuse me, can someone tell me the name of eureka`s hairstyle at the beginning of the volume and the last episode. the one with the hair clip.
    she looks so cute when she use that.

  15. Matt G. says:

    This blog post expresses just about every single reason I love Eureka Seven and how it effected me. Excellent job, sir, excellent job indeed.

  16. coralian prophet says:

    i love this anime. just whe i think i’m bored or that the characters aren’t beleivable, something pops up.

    the LFO’s are damn sexy. i’d love to pilot one. and for months afterward i wished to be coralian….

  17. Kuro says:

    Why didn’t I discover this blog sooner?! This entry of yours is pure gold!

  18. Edison says:

    i just finish eureka seven in 2 months of watching.

    it was my rountine, something i was looking forward to everyday i finish college.

    i would hurry back to my room, take my bath and watch like 1-2 episodes per day.

    it was a story full of hope, and i must say the best love story.

    Dont beg for it, earn it. Then it will be granted to you. I written this quote on my wall.

    Epic stuff. love this anime

  19. wowlols says:

    i had a dream of eureka and me on a date i wish i never woke up since then ohhh chobits is another great anime love you eureka

  20. James says:

    I was searching google to find if it was weird that I was in love with Eureka. Well I guess I’m not the only one. One day, I’ll find my Eureka. I have to.

  21. linuzappz says:

    See? they will launch Eureka Seven Season 2 in 2012!
    manga will be released on 26 Jan, anime on April.
    The title will be : Eureka Seven Ao

  22. tiranical says:

    its almost 4 years since this was posted
    and i’ve just stumbled on this blog
    i’m only 17, but this sums my anime/manga lifestyle pretty well to an extent~

    i just really enjoyed reading this. i can’t wait to re-watch E7 again!~

  23. “You actually know your stuff… Keep up the excellent operate!”

  24. Anm12221 says:

    Ah this was a wonderful post and the comments that came after were wonderful as well. I myself have watched Eureka 7 several times through out the years never really being able to see alll of the episodes but just tagging along when I could with it when it came on TV and now for the past 2-3 days I’ve been marathoning it in between sleep and work and I can say this is an anime that has struck me to my core and it is only one of the few that have been able to do that. it presents real life thoughts and feelings and the innocence of Love and family. Like Grandpa said “It’s just so damn beautiful” I Loved the music that followed the series and have even wished to be able to pilot and LFO of my own and do amazing things like them which probably ties into my Love of surfing because they are one in the same. In water and in air. I just finished my Marathoning Today and heard of the New Eureka 7 Installment and I want to check it out however I’m worried it might dissapoint and not live up to the original as some sequels do. Ah But I think even if it doesnt live up to it i wil still be able to find appreciation for it. Through all the tears, the laughs, the giggles, Watching the last episode when it ended I looked down and said “its over” ahhh such a good anime.

  25. verygoodsir says:

    Hey, I enjoyed the blog greatly, thanks for posting.
    Eureka Seven is indeed something else. No other anime has ever been able to do for me what ES has done. It’s one of the reasons why I gave up on anime. I still watch a few at times if they happen to be pretty good, but again, nothing comes close. I keep coming back to Eureka Seven for 7 years now, and I must have watched it fully at least 5 times now. Unfortunately, the sequel did nothing for me. It felt like a completely different anime.

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