Crossbone Gundam Scanlation Complete!


I’ve all but forgotten about Zeonic Corps’ scanlation work on Crossbone Gundam, having read their release of Volume 1 a year back. So imagine to my surprise when I saw a batch torrent floating around in the usual places.

It took them more than 4 years to finish this project, 4 years of being laughed at by /m/ for being Slowking. Really a thankless job, and my overwhelming gratitude for ZC won’t be enough compensation for the countless jeers thrown at Deacon and his staff.

To the uninitiated, Crossbone Gundam is a manga written by Tomino during the mid-90’s, illustrated by Yuichi Hasegawa. It has space pirates (manning a spaceship that has BEAM SAILS), and pirate-motif Gundams with cool tech, like anti-beam cloaks. It’s set in the Universal Century and takes place after F91, with Seabook, Cecily and Zabine as recurring characters.

Well, it’s time for me to read my copy now.

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4 Responses to Crossbone Gundam Scanlation Complete!

  1. ghostlightning says:


  2. Tachyon says:

    Thanks for the info! I went to Isohunt and found the download. Finished volume 1 today.

  3. Got the torrent from Zeonic Corps’ site itself, I’m now finished with Volume 2. Thanks for sharing the info on this one!

    Kincedo/Seabook has matured well in this series, none of his whininess back in F91 lol. And I like how Tobia is portrayed as “potential-but-not-uber” newtype, as seen by his bumbling when he first sortied in the X1.

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