Gundam Sousei

My Gundam mentor showed me a peculiar Gundam manga, Gundam Sousei. It’s not another of those Gundam sidestories, but rather a humorous and exaggerated take on the production of First Gundam. Oh, and did I mention that Tomino is the main character? Not the Tomino that you and I know, but SUPER AWESOME COOL TOMINO.

Chapter 1 is about how Tohru Furuya’s famous “Even my father never hit me!” line was perfected.

"Try saying that line..."

Chapter 2 is how Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (suspiciously looking like a cross between Garma Zabi and Paptimus Scirocco) got convinced to make Mobile Suit Gundam a reality.


Chapter 3 is about how a drunk Shuuichi Ikeda got cast for the role of Char Aznable. IMO, the best chapter yet.


Of course, one shouldn’t take this stuff seriously at all. But chalk it up to Gundam to spawn an over-the-top take on the production of its best-known offering.

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5 Responses to Gundam Sousei

  1. ghostlightning says:

    I downloaded the 3 chapters. LOOOOOOOOOOOL

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  3. tyaty1 says:

    And Tomino looks like Spider Jerusalem

  4. Baś says:

    Is it worth reading if I don’t know gundam multiuniverse?

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