A Reality Check

My anime-watching habits have changed ever since getting my second job. Of course, this is a given since I will be working during the day instead of blazing through a series, but I’ve noticed deeper changes to how I watch anime.

X-TREME Figaro

First, I’ve reverted to my pre-fansub watching habits. Back then, local TV stations aired anime daily, and most of them were really long shows like Lupin III, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc. I’m not the greatest fan of these shows, but they were pretty fun to follow, and I ended up watching episodes whenever I can (read: when I wasn’t doing my homework, ohohoho). However, I couldn’t help missing a good number of episodes because of various reasons. In that case, I’d just shrug, and ask my classmates about how Lupin managed to pull off yesterday’s heist. This is where filler is awesome–they allow you to cut some slack and enjoy anime as an occasional endeavor, as opposed to tightly-written shows that absolutely cannot miss a single episode.

I watch anime whenever I can. I don’t particularly feel obligated to watch anything, and so I depend on my mood to guide me. If I feel mecha-deprived, I’ll watch a good scene from a random mech show sitting in my hard drive. Stuff like that. I’ve cut back on a lot of airing shows I’m watching. Mostly it’s K-On, Eden of the East, and Shin Mazinger which are the shows I constantly keep tabs on, while shows that are fantastic yet behind in subs become lower priority (Souten Kouro, Guin Saga). There are also anime that I sneak into the top of my to-watch list for certain reasons (like Simoun, which I finished last week), but they are exceptions. For old shows, I’m watching Aria and Might Gaine every weekdays, though “every” is more of a guideline than an obligation. Aria is helpful at the times when I go home really tired, which has more to do about the looooooong commute than anything else. Might Gaine is particularly fun, but it isn’t as compelling as GaoGaiGar, so I’m okay with laughing at each ridiculous filler episode per day.

i r sad

If I’m too tired, I won’t watch. If I’m occupied with my PSP, I won’t watch. There’s no sinking feeling of missing a big part of my life if I don’t get to watch these shows. As opposed to a few months ago, when I was unemployed (I left my 1st job around January), I’d kick myself for missing a day in downloading the latest Toradora sub or whatever. Back then, I was dead set on maximizing my free time for anime (until I find a job). Well, not anymore.

I think it’s because of my new job. I like my current job a lot, and I’m motivated to wake up at 5:30 AM in order to arrive early at work. Since I work in a bank, the building is cleaner, the people are nicer (they aren’t nerdy antisocial programmers), and the elevators are fast (my previous job had really shitty elevators). Sure, you’ll see me occasionally reading MTF or ANN at work, but most of the time I’m in a programming trance of sorts, where time passes doubly fast.

My current lifestyle only allows me about 3 episodes of anime a day, from Monday to Friday. Any more and I’ll have to sleep at around 12 midnight, which is bad–I’m trying hard to sleep around 11 PM and my PSP just gets in the way (curse you, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce). Add the fact that I’m reading anime blogs, forums and books, and you have a Schneider who’s more stressed out with allocating his free time to maintain a semblance of a life than with his work. Oh, and there’s this blog, too! Urk.


What’s more, I’m starting to write fiction again. One might ask why I didn’t start earlier, when I was unemployed, but I just can’t write in a stress-free environment. With the limited time at my disposal, writing becomes exciting for me, and the words come quick (that doesn’t mean I don’t have to revise, though). I’m still no good, so don’t expect me to post my stuff here.

This doesn’t mean I’m folding up or anything. I just need to vent out steam. Really.

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8 Responses to A Reality Check

  1. ghostlightning says:

    Congratulations on your new job!

  2. animekritik says:

    yup, congrats. i know what you mean about writing and stress. i can’t get anything done if i don’t have a job, there’s just too much free time. when i’m actually busy, then i find my creative juices flowing and i scramble to find free time to write and do whatever else i want to do..

  3. Owen S says:

    Wait. Second job as in “I’m holding two jobs now” or “This is the second job I’ve ever had”?

    I know what you mean about writing in a stress-free environment, though. Take it stressfully! Been doing the same (i.e. writing, fiction) and it’s quite refreshing to cram in a spot of writing in-between classes or after classes in the library.

  4. sadakups says:

    “Nerdy antisocial programmers”? What the…? Are you stereotyping my kind? We’re not like that. But yeah, some of us are. 😛

    Seriously though, I can so relate to this since I’m also a salaryman like you. When I’m at home, I come face-to-face with three devices: my PC, the DVD player and my PSP. And my anime-watching time is horribly limited. Heck, I’m so busy that I actually watch anime during breaks in the office.

  5. jstrocel says:

    I can also relate with the downturn in anime watching. If you like fansubs, it’s particularly hard since you can’t half-pay attention to what’s going on if you play episodes in the background.

  6. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I’m already 1 1/2 months in it, but thanks anyway!

    @ owen

    Umm, this is my second job.

    @ sadakups

    But I AM a nerdy antisocial programmer too! I just like it more when there are less people like me around. 😛

    I wish I could watch anime at work, too.

    @ jstrocel

    This. I plan to watch a few good dubs to see how less mental processing I’d need.

  7. sadakups says:

    Oh. So you’re like me, huh. 🙂

    Getting buddy-buddy with the IT people worked for me. Unless the bosses pass behind me, they’ll see what I’ve been doing, so yeah, there’s still the risk.

    It’s been so hectic that I have a huge backlog of unwatched titles (Blood+, Gurren Lagann, Victory Gundam, Gundam ZZ just to name a few). And it sucks that I have work on Saturdays too. The only time I can watch anime is Saturday night to Sunday early morning, and then I sleep Sunday whole day.

    What a life we have as anime enthusiasts and salarymen, huh? 😛

  8. omisyth says:

    It’s all about the express elevators.

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