The End of K-On


I’m surprised how I liked the final episode so much, considering that it was fairly uneventful. A lot of it has to do with how the girls live their personal lives through the winter, which shows some insights on their character.

I’m glad that the show reminds us that these are girls after all–Ritsu’s plot thread was by far the most interesting, even if I saw it coming from a mile away. I just wonder why she doesn’t ditch the headband for good… The others were just lol in the sense that the show tried too hard, and failed at it (like episode 11).

Overall, I think of K-On as a decent show. I had fun watching it weekly, and was pretty low-maintenance (meaning you wouldn’t be so pumped to get the latest sub floating around), compared to, say, Eden of the East. Sure, complain that the animation is below normal KyoAni quality, but it still kicks the ass out of many shows. I find it inoffensive, though, to be unfruitful for trolling. This is not Beck, or God Knows drawn out to 13 episodes. Deal with it, because I did, and it saves all of us some grief.

So ronery

For my previous post regarding K-On, I’m very satisfied with how Yui turned out. I was prepared to groan at her clumsy antics throughout the show, but she did grow as a person. She’s still lazy Yui, but she became genuinely funny as the show went on. Contrast to Mio, whom I was most attracted to initially out of the four girls. She ended up as rather predictable and boring, with her weakness for scary things being played out too much. Mugi is okay, while Azu-nyan is pretty cute but ultimately Mio-Lite. But Ritsu, she really performed well for her role, and I came to like her despite looking the least attractive out of the girls. I mean, how else would I be duped into a Ronery-Kagami-Ver-2.0 scenario? And as for Ui, she was a great side character with some scary hax out there. Maybe the band could use a third guitar…

So, that’s it. I’m still on the fence on acquiring the widescreen episodes, so until then, goodbye, K-On. Another season wouldn’t be bad, but I’d pine for animated Laevatein instead!


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12 Responses to The End of K-On

  1. OneSin says:

    Wholeheartedly Agree , a funny show that kept me looking forward for the next episode to air again every week

  2. I didn’t expect it, but Yui became my favorite. I make big allowances for charm, and in the end this show had that going for it.

  3. animekritik says:

    this last episode was fun, imo. it’s kinda sad to see ritsu being forced down kagami’s road in Lucky Star (perfectly fine girl who’d have bf already but the writers deny her this for otaku enjoyment)…

  4. Ritsu, least attractive? 😦

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  6. schneider says:

    @ llxwarbirdxll

    Forehead fetish?

    That’s a hot avatar, BTW.

  7. omisyth says:

    The hands… dear God, the hands…

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