The Lost Canvas Is My Gateway To Saint Seiya

A few years back, Saint Seiya ran for a good amount of time here. I used to catch it on the bus to school due to its weekday morning timeslot, but wasn’t very interested in it. Reading a bit on the show, however, tells me that it’s quite good, to the point that its filler arcs are on par with the manga arcs. For a shounen anime, this is amazing.

Just recently, I tried out the first two episodes of the spinoff OVA, The Lost Canvas. I know jack about Saint Seiya (even mistaking The Lost Canvas as a continuity reboot until good man Shiro corrected me), but I liked what I saw.

Now, you maybe asking, what did I exactly see?

I'd besiege her palace, if you know what I mean.

I'd besiege her palace, if you know what I mean.

Hot Pandora

(insert lame quip about boxes)

I think the cast is excellent for this. Aya Hirano plays Sasha/Athena, and does her well. This might be my favorite Hirano role since, um, Haruhi. And taking her White Album feud with Hirano to this show is Nana Mizuki, who is the deliciously evil Pandora. Tetsuya Kakihara does an okay job with Tenma, while Hiro Shimono is doing another Ayato Kamina who just has the misfortune of running into a bad crowd. No complaints on the story side, except for the weird fact that Tenma, a Japanese orphan, is living in Italy of all places.

Aside from the seiyuu, I find the animation to be great, but that’s expected since this is an OVA. By the 2nd episode, I’m reminded how powerful the saints are, wrecking down pillars like there’s no tomorrow (doesn’t this make Athena mad at all?). It’s pretty nice to watch shounen anime with actual budget, though (like Soul Eater, but I ended up dropping it because while the animation was solid, I didn’t dig the aesthetics at all). I’m confident with the production that we won’t see the Saints’ henshin sequences over and over again in the succeeding episodes.

Too bad the next DVD is on August…

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2 Responses to The Lost Canvas Is My Gateway To Saint Seiya

  1. Gunstray says:

    Oh shi~ Saint seiya still exist!?!

  2. Shiro says:

    I’m enjoying Lost Canvas, and it does a good job for all the new viewers who never had the pleasure of watching the original series back in the day.

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