A Rant On Philippine TV Anime Schedules

Yes, you are seeing a Filipino dub of Koi no Mikuru Densetsu, from the 1st season of Haruhi. While the dubbing work for the song is deplorable (and I am already a staunch apologist for Filipino anime dubs), it’s not the point of this rant post. I just want you to share my agony, that is!

The real thing to be pissed at, is that TV-5 is not scheduling its anime properly. Come on, guys. The 1st season of Haruhi is 14 episodes long. 3 weeks from now, it would’ve finished its entire run. TV-5 will just have to rerun it again for another 3 weeks, and again, until it finds another anime to replace it with. Another anime that runs shorter than 26 episodes, that is.

If I see another episode of this stupid show one more time...

If I see another episode of this stupid show one more time...

I’m not an expert in scheduling TV shows, but wouldn’t it make sense to air a short anime weekly, as it goes everywhere else? I remember almost a decade ago, when GMA-7 was the king when it came to local anime. What GMA-7 did was ingenious: 2 anime shows per weekday, with longer series being aired at least twice per week, while the shorter series aired only once per week. For the first half of the hour, Lupin III on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while Flame of Recca aired on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the second half, it was Hell Teacher Nube on Mondays, Ranma 1/2 on Tuesdays, Master of Mosquiton on Wednesdays, Monster Rancher on Thursdays, and The Vision of Escaflowne for Fridays. Whew! 7 shows in all, but this setup ran for quite a long while. And those were fun times–my entire family sat down to watch Lupin III because it was awesome.

With TV-5’s current tack, it acquires new anime every time an airing one finishes (which happens disjointedly–TV-5 has aired anime with 13, 26 and even 50 episodes concurrently before). This makes for some confusing schedules, where you’re left scratching your head on how Show X got replaced while its companion Show Y is just halfway through.

Now this was an awesome show, and I hate basketball.

Now this was an awesome show, and I hate basketball.

In contrast, the other two rival networks (ABS-CBN and GMA-7) air long-running shounen anime on weekdays. A safe and solid method, since Filipinos are total suckers for basketball, ninjas and spirits swinging fancy swords around. (For the life of me, I can’t count how many Yu Yu Hakusho reruns there have been since its first appearance in the early 90’s.) The problem with this is that there’s no variety. Anyone who’s watched local anime for quite a while could predict which show they’re going to air next, since it’s just a fixed pool of shows that had made it big in the past. Where’s my Eureka Seven rerun? The 90’s AU Gundam shows?

I don’t know about how local TV stations acquire anime, but I think the old GMA-7 method works better with shorter shows. If TV-5 wants to keep this up for a long time, then they should rethink their anime scheduling. It has only been half a year and they’ve shown a humongous amount of anime already.

You might say that this rant is an exercise in futility, since I don’t even watch local anime anymore. However, I do have a stake on how local TV networks handle anime, since many a fan is created through exposure to the shows they air. Having had a stellar exposure to anime myself, I can only hope that future generations get to experience great shows at their own fingertips.

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9 Responses to A Rant On Philippine TV Anime Schedules

  1. ghostlightning says:


    I have all this awesome manga lined up to read (including my new copies of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind complete!) and I end up reading 8 straight volumes of Slam Dunk FML.

    Well, it’s still funny as hell and so freaking good. And I loooove basketball.

  2. Gunstray says:

    Thanks for the update, at least Philippines anime scheduling doesnt suck like S#it back here in Canada.

    YTV completely f*cked its schedule up by removing tons of good running show. GSD was an exception, It was taken out right in the middle, and I wasnt planning to watch the whole thing.

  3. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I want to read the manga since the anime left us all hanging.

    @ Gunstray

    Cancelled shows happen to us frequently, too. About 10 years back, DBZ aired on a weekday afternoon timeslot, but got murdered when all the networks started airing footage of the impeachment trial instead. I only got to finish the TV run a few years later, when the network in question decided to reair the show in a weekend timeslot.

    I also believe that some network aired Marimite here, but pulled it out once the yuri became prevalent.

    @ SDX

    I have nothing else to say.

  4. ghostlightning says:

    re-reading my Slam Dunk manga copies now (mostly the Chuang Yi editions), still so awesome!

  5. sadakups says:

    I think TV5 is going to fall into the same trap as GMA7 did when that network used to show anime in primetime, and almost exactly the same schedule as TV5’s now.

    I commend them for showing new titles and the staff knows their anime, but if they want this to survive, they should start stocking up on 50-episode titles.

    Where’s my Gundam?

  6. simplybill says:

    At least TV5 is not YET GMA. GMA stinks of poor dubbing and loops that may be more endless than Endless Eight

  7. Nitramy says:

    Say what you will about GMA’s poor dubbing and endless story loops, they did however do a fantastic job on Hajime no Ippo (and didn’t cut the “sandbag-humping sequence” the first time it aired).

    Still, as long as GMA caters to the lowest common denominator, we won’t be seeing any anime in primetime there in the near (or far) future.

  8. Someone98 says:

    i really wanna watch vampire knights u think u culd do that 4 me?

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