The Side Characters of Canaan

Canaan is one of my few picks out of Summer ’09, and is shaping to be one hell of a ride coupled by gorgeous animation and impressive voice-acting.

However, none of the main characters have really gripped me after 4 episodes. I like Canaan as any Miyuki Sawashiro role out there, but I haven’t grown attached to her yet. Alphard is the same banana–maybe it’s because she has too few lines, compared to her sister. Oosawa is fine, but she better do something more than playing damsel in distress all the time.

I might have dropped a lesser show because of this, but some side characters stand out, and provide the tangential hilarity I need to keep pumped up for the main story.

Yun Yun

Disturbing when taken out of context

Yun Yun is just one of Haruka Tomatsu’s many roles this year. And she’s great, if a bit stereotypically Chinese down to the hair. Canaan may have synesthesia, but Yun Yun’s boob size manipulation powers are are much better, IMO. She may play a major role in the future, but turning up every episode while doing a completely different job is fine with me already.


Prelude to ecstasy

A one-trick pony, but Cummings is a rare breed indeed to serve as Liang Qi’s personal stress outlet. And boy, does she get stressed a lot. Maybe it says a lot about me, getting a kick out of his ecstastic yelps. 😛

Taxi Driver

Crazy driver is crazy

It’s an unwritten rule that Jouji Nakata must be in any Type-Moon anime (except one non-existent show). And Taxi Driver must be his craziest role to date, taking part in one memorable car chase scene! I hope he appears every other episode–it’d be extremely funny if the journalists get to ride his taxi every time they need to get somewhere.

I would’ve included the green-haired girl here, but I don’t find it funny that Mamiko Noto is being paid not to speak. 😦

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3 Responses to The Side Characters of Canaan

  1. Gunstray says:

    Hahah Someone who agrees, that taxi driver is gawdamn epic >=]

  2. omisyth says:


  3. Ray says:

    Canaan seems to share something with Tsukihime – great animation/action/concept, but so far the main characters aren’t exceptionally good. I get the feeling it’s the emotional detachment dilemma that just about all Nasu main characters (the lead girl) feels.

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