This is actually a series of mini-posts that I decided to just group together. With 100% more link-love.

Kara no Kyoukai 6

Watched it. It looked beautiful (as expected of ufotable), but I had problems with the plot. Ray calls attention to stuff the movie edited or left out entirely, and it’s quite a lot–I’d have to read the novels some time.

The King of Hearts

The real star of the film, however, was Azaka. The Kasshu family might want to consider adopting a new member. She’s made of 100% BURNING PASSION, and loves her big brother. The original King of Hearts is no different.


Good End

Dr. lolikit’s creation is more fun than I’d thought it’d be–one of the good ends is achieved by murdering a certain someone. I really dig the art, character and background-wise. However, Baka-Raptor’s music gets old pretty fast, and needs some turning down on the volume.

Oh, and damn you Owen for not letting me have my way with Omo. 😦

I hope I appear in future versions of the game (if only as a lackey of better /m/en out there)–another good incentive to improve my blogging chops, that is.

The Debate On Fanart Usage In Blogs Hurr Durr

wah makes some valid points, but delivers it in typical wah fashion, which polarizes most bloggers to lash out instead of actually listening. I like omo’s take on it, since it’s a moderate view and I agree about link-love (which is something I should be doing more in this blog).

Some more posts on the topic at hand:

Nevertheless, I’ll be more careful with posting fanart in my blog, and would take my time to look the artist up using whatever tools I have available. Might be a good way to increase my exposure to Pixiv.

Update: wah vs “Human Trash” part 2. IMO, it’s as necessary as Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. Except that Innocence was actually pretty. :\

SEED vs Astrays

Goddammit, Bandai. As if Destiny Astray wasn’t retarded enough, which featured a war journalist in a cutting-edge mobile suit THAT TAKES PICTURES WITH ITS CAMERA GUN. The Providence variant is seriously ugly and the colors on all of the new suits don’t help either. Just let Astray rest for good, please.

Saimoe ’09

So it begins. I’m actually doing it just to ogle at the funny Shift-JIS art, if anything.

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6 Responses to Hodgepodge

  1. Panther says:


    One more to add to your list and this is actually level-headed, I have not bothered reading the rest since the whole thing is just more silliness on a whole level of retardedness that I do not want to hurt my brain thinking about, when there are more important things to use my brain for and think about.

  2. lolikitsune says:

    Thanks for the mention! In the next version, “Ano Ko Wo Rape” will be shortened from a full song to the first verse alone. I may also reduce the volume. 🙂

  3. Ryan A says:

    Fanart debate has the most gravity of this bunch, but I like the mini-combined format.

    Nevertheless, I’ll be more careful with posting fanart in my blog, and would take my time to look the artist up using whatever tools I have available.

    I know I’ve used art without accrediting in the past. The main issue is that it’s quite difficult to find an artist if the art is already (unaccredited) on 3rd party page. Using stuff on photodumps (danbooru) should be easier and definitely on pixiv/deviant art.

    It’s those random Google Image keyword searches that cause trouble, imo.

  4. omo says:

    I left a doodoo on thoughtscream’s post on the fanart brouhaha. it needed one.

  5. Gunstray says:

    S#it I knew one day that OFP will rise back from the forgoten rules. Back to pixiv then…

    I dont see wrong bout Astray destiny, Its unique amongst the other seed series. But we all know Bandai is an unrelentless milking beast.

  6. schneider says:

    @ Panther, omo

    That was one good read, if I might say.

    @ lolikitsune

    You’re welcome!

    @ Ryan A

    Well, I’ve used GIS at times but I never scraped off fanart from it.

    @ Gunstray

    Lowe, Gai and even Canard are okay. Jess Rabble is really pushing it. Also take note how the Out Frame can equip numerous Striker, Impulse and ZAKU packs, and I’m wondering why Bandai hasn’t made a kit out of it yet.

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