Hanekawa is Definitely Waifu Material For Me

Senjougahara may be everyone’s favorite girl due to her strength of character, but my favorite Bakemonogatari girl has to be Hanekawa, who comes off as an interesting character despite being generally understated in the show.

In episode 6, it is where Hanekawa shines, yet hers is a soft shimmer compared to Senjougahara’s flaming aura of HNGH. Nevertheless, her lengthy phone conversation with Araragi reminds me of another sweet meganekko…

Ginko is love

It’s worth taking note that Hanekawa virtually goes on a monologue, without Araragi saying as much as a word in the call. And when Araragi actually says something, it’s choppy and incomplete. Oh, SHAFT. She offers him practical love advice, and betrays her maturity. It’s not easy to deduce someone else’s character by proxy.

Delicious glare

Meganekko? Student council president? Information broker? Love counselor? I am sold.

Now I wish her arc would come sooner~

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2 Responses to Hanekawa is Definitely Waifu Material For Me

  1. Panther says:

    “Senjougahara’s flaming aura of HNGH”

    What a fine description.

  2. sadakups says:


    I thought I am the only person in teh internetz who likes the bespectacled genius that is Hanekawa. I would choose her over the tsundere anytime.

    I won’t deny that I like meganekko, and I’m glad that I like Hanekawa more than her wearing glasses.

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