On Anison

A list, if you please.

  • With the coming AFA ’09 in neighboring country Singapore (starring /m/ deities like Yoshiki Fukuyama and Ichirou Mizuki), I am once again reminded of the sorry state of otaku events in my own country. I have never ever heard of a Japanese guest appearing in local cons and it will probably stay that way until I am a senile old man. As for the AFA itself, I would need to rob a bank before I can make the trip. At least we have this. Only in the Philippines!
  • The new K-ON album is an ingenious product. It’s enough to make you pick up an instrument (if you haven’t already), and learn Cagayake Girls. The second disc is all about playing the aforementioned song, and there’s sheet music at hand if you’re not a dirty pirate. The show itself can be dissed for various reasons, but the musicality of the songs can’t be denied–and Pony Canyon knows this.
  • I miss old-school anison. You know, the kind of anison that is tailor-made to the anime itself, one that cheesily calls out the anime’s characters/robots/themes. And cheese is fantastic. We need more anison today in the vein of Kanjite Knight. I’m not saying that the current breed of anison (performed by seiyuu or mainstream artists) is bad–it ‘s great for the majority of anime, but I believe that old-school works best for mecha.
  • If ever I get a 3D flesh-and-blood girl, the ultimate test of our solidarity would have to be this, (replacing the song of course)
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5 Responses to On Anison

  1. ToastCrust says:


  2. The anison you ask for fit super robot shows. If they make more of that you’ll get what you ask for. It doesn’t make sense to use such songs for say, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, or Bakemonogatari.

  3. schneider says:

    @ ghostlightning

    I just wish for songs that are coupled tightly with the anime they appear in. Most songs nowadays don’t have a tangible connection to the show itself (I’m looking at you, Gundam 00).

    I’d think if TM8.0 was produced in the 70’s, its songs would most probably resort to apostrophe… Bakemonogatari songs are close enough to the show.

    @ Quick Star

    I must respectfully decline, for a number of reasons.

  4. I got myself a Les Paul Standard with the cherry sunburst design and learned Cagayake Girls.

    Am I cool yet? Uguu . . .

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