The Revolution Begins

D-Boy’s cry for a revolution can’t be more timely enough–I’m 7 episodes into Utena and having a blast.

So, random impressions until I find an aspect of the show worth delving further into:

  • Some classy stock animation here. Instead of gattai sequences, we’re treated to an awesome gate, spiral staircase and some ZOMG inverted castle in the sky. It’s a kind of ritual that gears us up for the duel, and it’s very well-done. The insert song makes everything even better.
  • Speaking of insert songs, there’s one about trilobites.
  • I don’t like anime critters that much, but Chu-chu is some serious nutbladder-bursting material. I can see the love that the animators shower him–so actively eating things (even in the background), so unable to take it easy!
  • The silhouette girls are hilarious, and manage to be on topic despite taking on weird roles.
  • Nothing is sexier than Koyasu saying “baby”.
  • Except, half-naked Touga, perhaps!
  • I want Anthy to snap. Getting beat up every other ep is not fun.
  • Nanami, for a jealous schemer, is lulz. I actually feel sorry for her, getting trounced by Anthy’s weird animal posse. Srsly, snails in a pencil case??? And Utena wonders how Anthy has no friends?
  • Her OP shot is very intriguing, though–I can has dual-wielding ohohohoho nao?
  • Miki, oh Miki–how unfortunate of you to live in a world without a vaccine for measles…
  • Juri is scary. And is hot. Look at those curls. I want to wrap them around my– okay I’ll stop.
  • So far the show is pretty funny in the right places (random unannounced Saionji wwwwww), but I sense danger lurking around the corner.
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3 Responses to The Revolution Begins

  1. digitalboy says:

    Danger, for sure, but it really does get only funnier as it goes on. Or rather, you start getting the joke better and better.

    So glad to see the attention~~~~

  2. animekritik says:

    i’d comment but i just finished ep 01 and am scared to run into spoilers. looking forward to it, though…

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