Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

Lately I’ve been playing Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. It’s very pretty, but is primarily a multiplayer game, with scant options for single play. For God’s sake, there isn’t even a difficulty setting, which means you’ll get your ass handed to you very fast, since I find the 8-way run system confusing (heck, my brother has been playing SC since 2000 and he still can’t utilize 8-way run to its fullest).

Now, the game lacks a proper Story mode. A damn shame, since home console versions of SC do it very well. However, this game has what it calls “The Gauntlet”. Gameplay-wise it’s like a prolonged battle tutorial, teaching you how to block and overall defend yourself [properly]. It also goes on until you’ve fought every character in the game (actually a nice idea, since everyone’s fighting styles are varied from each other). Storywise, it has Cassandra, Hilde and new guy Dampierre taking you, the player character, along a quest to find a cure for Hilde’s ailing father. I guess it’s the writer’s idea of having fun, since The Gauntlet isn’t what you’d expect from a typical SC story. All the characters are played for laughs: Nightmare acts like a normal guy, Zasalamel is a hikkikomori, and Tira’s Nightmare-stalking is rendered in a comical way.

The really good part of the game, however, is the custom character creation. While you’re unable to change your character’s build (no lolis or DFCs for you, guys), the variety of options is still great for a portable game. However, unlike in SC3 there are no more custom weapons, so you’ll have to make do by aping an existing character’s fighting style.

I like SC a lot, but SCBD just feels too scant for a full-blown fighting game. Even Tekken 5: DR has way more content than this–and the English version of Dissidia threw in an Arcade feature of its own. I’ll probably play with the custom characters more (so far I’ve created Mikuru, Guts, Nakiami, Minmay and Zengar Zombolt), and then I’ll tuck it away in preparation for Macross Ultimate Frontier.

Mmm, tasteful armor.

If anything, Hilde is still hot.

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3 Responses to Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

  1. ETERNAL says:

    > no lolis or DFC

    That pissed me off when I was trying to make Shana.

    Forgetting that, though, I didn’t bother picking this up because I usually prefer my fighting games on consoles. I was pretty satisfied with SC4 and I didn’t want to risk ruining my impression of it. I’m sure they’ll make a 5th one anyway.

  2. schneider says:

    I don’t think there were much gameplay changes from SC4, but Kratos is definitely scrub material and his AI is pretty much rape.

    But yeah, I wanted to make my characters’ breasts smaller.

  3. ZERO says:

    Kratos aint too hard to counter, But his moves to rape…I have the most trouble on Setsuka in the Quickmatch mode, She always does those stupid “just” attacks, and hits you no matter where you are…
    For a handheld fighter though, It doesnt get much better, TekkenDR And SCBD are excellent.

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