Utena’s Two Recaps

How does one make a recap episode so compelling? These are some good examples, but Utena kicks ass by having two of them.

The first recap (episode 24)  touches upon the filler episodes. I had had my fill of laughs with the episodes recapped here, but I laughed harder than before with this recap. All it does is show the filler from another character’s point of view, while adding stuff that retcons events. Actually, the last one is pretty much the show’s modus operandi, but it is played to comedic effect this time. It also ends rather nicely.

The second recap (episode 33) is a more dastardly piece. It alternates between Utena talking banally to someone off-screen, to a radio show that acts as preamble for a clipshow. While it only recaps the last few duels, I’m glad to have seen them again–since each of these duels have a strong underlying theme in them (be it eternity, purity/innocence, or miracles), and might hint on the darkening mood of the show. And then we have a long scene of Utena rambling more, until HOLY FUCKING SHIT–

I’ll stop now.

PS: I want that car.

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3 Responses to Utena’s Two Recaps

  1. TheBigN says:

    “And then we have a long scene of Utena rambling more, until HOLY FUCKING SHIT–”

    Yeah. That was a very ;_; moment.

  2. Autonomous says:


    I think I’m scarred for life ;_;

    And you missed ep 13, that was a recap ep. Not as good, mind you, but it’s not exactly your standard throwaway recap ep either.

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