Nono’s Ocean

Planetes is definitely something. Episode 6 made me laugh as hard as any Fumoffu episode, but episode 7 touched me with its two contrasting subplots. I’ll talk about episode 7 in this post.

Hachi is surprisingly smooth, when Tanabe’s not around (I wish he would treat Tanabe better, but I’m positive it would happen eventually). He befriends a random stranger and becomes close to her in a matter of days. Perhaps because Nono is such a positive force to have around? She sure is. I am still awash in her glow, even though it has already been a full day since I watched her episode.

The thing about Nono is, she’s sick. Sick in a way that prevents her from leaving the hospital, rendering her all but a caged bird that looks longingly at the outside world. She wants to go to Earth and swim in its oceans of blue water, but even the circumstances of her birth have conspired to keep her from it.

12 years. She’s lived 12 years, the entirety of her life, inside a hospital. Saying that’s tough is a massive understatement.

Despite this, Nono remains cheerful. Never has she blamed her parents for bringing her into the world like this, and while she longs to visit the Earth, she sure wouldn’t want to live there–the moon is her home, after all, and the barren, pockmarked surface strewn with dust instead of water is her ocean.

Nono splash

I am humbled by this scene. Nono lives a cooped life and unable to do the things she wants, but is perfectly happy with it. Many a night I have spent thinking on how I could’ve been born differently, with the sort of life I’ve always yearned for (while I am not entirely sure about it, I firmly believe it has robots in it). Never mind the age gap, and the vast chasm between our experiences in life. Nono turns moon dust into salt water, and there is no greater alchemy than that.

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10 Responses to Nono’s Ocean

  1. I could watch that gif all day for totally different reasons.

    I need to finish planetes, though I’ll need to start it over.

  2. Panther says:

    Yes, Nono was inspirational and they hid the circumstances around her till the last, which was a really good touch and made Hachi realize just how much one could be contented with what one has, even if one wishes for something that can never come true.

  3. omo says:

    Despite the whole sobbing business about the physical handicap and the cheap play the whole thing was done with grace and concise. It remains one of the most memorable moments in a quality story for me.

  4. schneider says:

    @ D-boy

    Please do, if only to blog about it!

    @ Panther, omo

    This was really a golden ep, and I’m itching for more like this…

  5. Kairu says:

    The gif would be better if the girl was wearing a two-piece bikini. wwwwwwwww

  6. 2DT says:

    “Nono turns moon dust into salt water, and there is no greater alchemy than that.”

    Oh dear. Considering the spiritual function of alchemy, and the correspondence of water to love, that’s really quite brilliant, you know. You’ve warmed this amateur occultist’s heart. I’ll have to track down Planetes next chance I get.

  7. Yi says:

    I saw PlanetES a while ago, and was deeply touched by some scenes as well.
    Btw. you have a really rather poetic writing style. It’s quite refreshing to read.

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