Cencoroll’s Awkward Charm

Cencoroll is a nifty little specimen. It’s got the indie feel working for it, with most of the work done by a certain Atsuya Uki. It’s still impressive, though. My eye for animation has leveled up in years, and the monster scenes are very smooth and clean. I guess it’s easier to animate transforming blobs with eyes than people? It knocks a bit on the E7/Xam’d monster aesthetic too.

Boom boom boom

Totally dig the colors used for the explosions here.

There’s one thing that stands out, too: much of the interaction between Tetsu, Yuki and even antagonist Shuu is awkward. Short, snappy answers are the norm, and nothing really gets revealed about the monsters and electric ahoges. Some people might not like this, but I find it fits for the context of the show, since it’s a rather uncanny, lifelike portrayal of high schoolers who just met each other. Being cranky and uncooperative works perfectly for Tetsu’s annoyed personality, while Yuki is merely a normal girl with abnormally high affinity for blobby things. It’s not like they’ve been seeing each other for years!


Quick-thinking AND intrepid. Beware.

Isn’t it refreshing to watch an anime that doesn’t feature characters with warped, extreme personalities? And Yuki is sweet, in her own unsaccharine way.

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8 Responses to Cencoroll’s Awkward Charm

  1. I liked it, but will probably forget all about this unless there’s a follow-up series.

    Please let there be one!

  2. Kairu says:

    What’s weird with this movie was the trailer was different from the actual Cencoroll that was aired..

  3. OGT says:

    I saw CENCOROLL at NYAF and it was pretty much the non-Tomino highlight of the con. It was a half-hour of pure bliss, and I wish to buy the DVD (please R1, ANIPLEX?)

    I’m kind of confused at some of the somewhat negative reception, mostly about its length; I (like most everyone else) would kill for more, but knocking it for length or lack of detail is like knocking an O. Henry or Saki story for the same. I treated CENCOROLL as a short-short story, and it works spectacularly well as one.

  4. 2DT says:

    The monsters struck me as Murakami superflat creatures come to life.

    I loved the part where Tetsu was saying “let me rest for a second, Cenco just ate my arm.” The delivery was perfect.

  5. Andrew says:

    I like how Yuki encountered a weird monster for the first time and she wasn’t freaked out in the least. Must be a Japanese thing.

    Oh yeah, and that soundtrack music by supercell is pretty awesome.

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