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Not your typical waifu post here. Take nothing away from appealing 2D women of all looks, personalities and ages, but I can’t turn a good mech down.

Hard mode: No Gundams. I’ve done a separate post on them anyway!



RahXephon is the most beautiful mech I’ve ever seen. It has this awe-inspiring gait that makes the slow battles of the anime majestic to watch. The head wings and all too-human face make it clear that RahXephon isn’t just a piloted mech–it’s an extension of its wielder. A fitting homage to Raideen with sleeker proportions and less gaudy colors. And true to its inspiration, RahXephon’s voice is its most dangerous weapon.

Vic Viper

Vic Viper


Not the Gradius one, but the Zone of the Enders 2 incarnation. In terms of mecha power levels/tiers, a LEV is to Orbital Frame as Zaku is to Gundam. Yet Leo manages to hold his own with far superior mechs using his mad skillz as the hero of the previous game. That’s what I call fighting the power. If anything, it is damned fast and sexy.

Giant Robo (OVA)

Giant Brofist

Aside from beauty, I also admire power. And the OVA design of Giant Robo is packed with it. Every part of its body got bulkier from the original, human-proportioned version, but the overall product still evokes balance. The rivets are also a great retro touch. Giant Robo is one of the few mechs that look menacing regardless of any stance, and its stare strikes fear into the hearts of men. Gotta love that pharaoh motif!




I’m not very fond of Gundam Wing, but it gave me the Tallgeese, which has a badass backstory. Based his engagements with the Gundams, you’d never imagine that Zechs was piloting the oldest mobile suit in the show. It’s so old that it got rescued from a museum, and so extreme that no pilot could handle it. Until Zechs, that is. Father of the Leo, the Tallgeese is one venerable mofo. Look at that crest!

Gespenst Mk-II


The Gespenst Mk-II is the most recognizable original mech out of Super Robot Wars, and it deserves that honor. This workhorse has been piloted by virtually everyone out there, and is still being used in the OGverse, albeit with massive refits to help it keep up with newer machines. It’s a reliable mech that can equip a large array of weaponry, and much more durable than the paper-thin Lion. A Real by origin, but Super-tuned variants exist with the Gespenst Kick. Who needs beam sabers when you have a Jet Magnum or two?



When I first saw the Kapool, I didn’t know it had appeared in Gundam ZZ as the indigo-colored but otherwise identical Capule. But the Kapool did not suck, and lasted throughout Turn-A Gundam with nary a blown-off limb. One could attribute this to its pilots being of little threat to the enemy, but I still subscribe to the belief that these little ones were too cute for anyone to have considered shooting them. It can turn into a ball, for starters.

Not to mention it has the strongest pilot. ❤

Shin Getter-1

Shin Getter-1

I love red. Shin Getter-1 embodies this love, and it invokes a retro feel despite being conceived in the 90’s. Stoner Sunshine is my favorite screamed attack of all time, and those devilish wings combined with the strong shoulders make for an impressive silhouette. It also has the nifty little feature of turning its pilots into sketchy lines whenever it does the Shin Shine Spark.

Nirvash typeZERO


Nirvash has the best eyes out of any mech. It tells you a lot just by looking at them, that Nirvash is no mere machine. Nirvash can be classified as a character itself in the show, being able to move on its own and perform astounding feats that no other LFO can replicate. The boomerang weapon offers a unique way to mop up a horde of enemies, and it flies in style.

So how about you? Do you have your own hangar? Share eet~

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20 Responses to Mai Robotto

  1. omo says:

    Wait, no Gundam you said? Tallgeese would be kind of cheating imo :p

  2. Jacques says:

    Out of the 10 you’ve listed, RahXephon and Tallgeese are some of my all time favourite mech design; RahXephon, for it human-looking feature (sorry for the bad english, can’t think of a better word at the moment) and Tallgeese for its Romanesque-look, some of the all-time best-looking non-gundam design.

  3. animekritik says:

    so, would you have them all fight each other like some grand mecha valhalla or just hang out in the hangar or what…?

  4. Too difficult to rank… but I’ll try.

    VF-25F Messiah
    Genesic Gao Gai Gar
    VF-1S Focker/Ichijo
    SDF-1 Macross (TV, not DYRL mod)
    Gundam Mk II
    LED Mirage
    Bang Doll
    Voltes V

    The list needs work, but that’s what I got for now.

  5. gaguri says:

    haha…I’ve only watched Rahxephon and little bit of Giant Robo from that list…

    But out of all the mecha shows I’ve watched, I have to say Rahxephon was the most beautiful, while Evangelion was pretty sleek (although I LOVE some of their designs on angel…even more so on their new movies). Escaflowne was kinda ok, so was Infinite Ryvius. I guess TTGL are pretty good as well, although I like the crazy gatti sequences better.

    And I think you’re spot on about the design of Giant Robo, that’s the impression I got as well when watching.

  6. Snark says:

    Holy fucking shit, mad respect for the Gespenst, Vic Viper and Giant Robo!

    Though if I remember correctly, Vic Viper was specifically stated to be a LEV that was on par with Orbital Frames.

    And the Gespenst Kick is totally tits. I had Katina totally rip everything to shreds with that.

  7. 2DT says:

    I once got into a conversation with a Japanese shop clerk who told me I should watch Kaleido Star and Giant Robo. I followed the first recommendation and loved it, but the second… well, it’s not easy for me to get into the giant robot genre. I never got around to it.

    Would you recommend it?

    • schneider says:

      You’d be pleased to know that giant robots aren’t the major feature of Giant Robo, ironically. In fact, it’s better-liked by general anime fans than pure mecha fans. So do check it out!

  8. Q says:

    Ah the Tallgeese – that’s always a great choice for non-Gundam mech. Besides, it’s supposed to be the original mech behind the Gundams and other MS in Wing!

  9. ottocycle says:

    I discovered this post too late.

    My little ranking:
    – SUMO
    – Giant Robo (RAWR)
    – Junova VIII (Gigantic Formula)
    – Chou Ginga Gurren Lagann
    – Aussenseiter

    Stoner Sunshine is the win, I have to agree.

    • schneider says:

      I like your list, especially SUMO.

      But Gigantic Formula? srsly?? I never thought I’d run into other fans of that show! It was so cash, and loved the Minami Kuribayashi OP. ❤

  10. ottocycle says:

    Gigantic Formula had the bad luck to have been aired in the same season as Gurren Lagann, sadly. The best parts of the show were the mecha designs and the music. The show’s like a who’s who of mecha designers!

  11. RyuGuruDarkRyder says:

    I Rather have Rahxephone Is Alot better Looking Than All Thee ROBOTS lol haha

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