Moving Forward With Solanin

In Solanin, Meiko is adrift in a sea of oppressive boredom. There is nothing to hold her back. However, the relaxed string produces no clear tune and shoots no arrow.

Stagnation is something we face every day, when we bow out of the rigors of life. Without exercise, muscles will atrophy. Meiko realizes that she can’t run away from real life anymore. She’s already 24, too old to play around while her money runs out.

It’s like a crowded street crossing. Stop, and prepare to get trampled.

Yes, there is something she must do, in order to move on. But she knows that the world will continue with or without her. As she provides an answer to questions that have wracked her, she concedes to the world. The dream is resolved with a human touch. She can now go forward.

Solanin is a reaffirmation of the will to live, of acknowledging life’s near-endless struggle. No answer is final, but each one of them is worth finding.

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10 Responses to Moving Forward With Solanin

  1. I actually read that first panel left to right, and went, “OSHI-“. Then I remembered that it’s supposed to be read from right to left and I went :(.

  2. Being 23-25 sucks. 18-20 was far better. It got a lot better 27 and up though ^_^

  3. 2DT says:

    Yeah, like that. Wonderful.

  4. Rakuen says:

    Given that many people want me to read this, I will read it.

  5. kluxorious says:

    I have this in my on hold list since forever. Maybe I oughta pick it up again

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