The Virality Of Touhou Still Amazes Me To This Day

Two nights ago, I was making a few Youtube searches for Patlabor. The TV OP came up, and I watched it with glee.

Something caught my eye:

With a moment’s hesitation, I clicked it.

Here’s the original for comparison:

It’s well-thought, fitting the Imperishable Night theme of using character pairs. And it’s very pretty! Obviously the animation is not as fluid as the original, but you can see the love put into this work.

Nowadays, Touhou is a genre of its own, and its huge fandom allows for diversity of interests. There are even a sizable number of Touhou fans who love mecha, and the amount of fanworks dedicated to both is astounding. (Not to mention Touhou still manages to appear in /m/ every now and then.) I’m only a low-level Touhou fan who knows a minimum of fanworks and a few games, but I can appreciate the sheer creativity of these people.

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15 Responses to The Virality Of Touhou Still Amazes Me To This Day

  1. Karry says:

    What virality ? I still have no idea what touhou is, and it doesnt touch me at all.

  2. Shance says:

    Touhou’s virality is there because it’s literally a doujin work, and the maker doesn’t make any effort to say it is so. That being said, people, most especially fans, are unrestricted in using the characters everywhere, since a.) you don’t see these kind of bizarre characters on any other work, and b.) the maker keeps the profile of every character “limited”, letting the fans make and fill up the rest of the profile instead, and this only makes them more attached to Touhou.

    • schneider says:

      It’s fascinating how the characters develop traits on their on thanks to fan consensus, like Patchy being a hikki or Yuyuko being a horrid glutton.

      • Shance says:

        Those were actually canon facts. The rest came from the fans, like how Patchy liked tentacles and Frieza from Dragonball Z because she’s a hikky doujinka, and Yuyuko having amorous advances for Mystia Lorelei aside from the fact that she wants to eat her.

        Some even become official by notion of the maker, ZUN himself. Hong Meiling won’t be called China if it weren’t for the fans. And then ZUN comes in, and tells everyone that he calls her China too, thus making the China nickname on Meiling canon.

        It’s as crazy as the fandom, yes.

        • schneider says:

          What’s the deal with Frieza? China is something I understand at least…

          I still have a long way to go, master.

        • Skribulous says:

          Just passing by, but dropping in for a couple of comments:

          1) Patchouli was a Dragon Ball Z fan since some of her spell cards (basically magic spells equivalent to super moves in fighting games) were similar to certain energy attacks in the series. Why she likes Frieza is simply because they both have purple color schemes.

          2) Before the recent installments of the Touhou Project franchise introduced cyberpunk fantasy elements into the setting, Patchouli was also considered a sci-fi and mecha otaku (being a hikikomori makes this somewhat of a given), with some of her spells conjuring gigantic saw blades and gears flung at her enemies. Nowadays the tech level of Gensokyo (the setting) has jacked up considerably, where even a giant robot (technically) as an actual plot point of one of the latest games.

  3. I think the sheer number of fan remixes are what really impress me the most. Who knew that gigabytes worth of music can be generated from just a few core musical themes.

  4. Anonylol says:

    It’s a rule of the internet. There’s a Touhou pic for every occasion. Even the ones you haven’t thought of yet.

  5. glothelegend says:

    I watched both of these at the same time. Things seemed to match up pretty well, in their own way.

  6. Canne says:

    quite amazing how everything fits in the song so perfectly. I need to roam around in YouTube more, seriously.

  7. Yi says:

    I think I like the Touhou version more.
    It really does match up pretty well. Very fun to watch.

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