12 Moments of Anime #12: Rin Rides Fuego

RideBack was a show that was greatly received at first, but quickly lost support as it went on. It may not be remembered for its middle and end, but the 1st episode was some great stuff, if you can suspend disbelief on the fact that an army equipped with transforming motorcycles took over the world with… transforming motorcycles.

Here we have Rin, her mouth frozen in half-exhilaration, half-terror, as she crashes through a barricade, right before a plummeting fall.

How did she come to this point? It was just a little misunderstanding, but somehow, the feel of Fuego reawakened a long dead dream inside Rin. Her body was, after all, rendered unable to perform ballet after an accident. She doesn’t think about it much, but I could somehow feel that Rin’s world was sighing, despite the beautiful cherry blossoms falling everywhere.

Now, armed with this strange wheeled contraption, able to replicate her old ballet movements, Rin reunites with an old feeling. Now, her world will never sigh again.

If she could just land the right way and not shatter every bone in her body…

Spoiler: Come the next episode, she does land safely. (Or we wouldn’t have 12 episodes of this.)

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7 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime #12: Rin Rides Fuego

  1. Shinmaru says:

    Ah, shit, this was totally going to be one of my moments! Haha.

    I dug Rideback. The military storyline is completely silly and ridiculous, but I love Rin, so it almost balances out. This show wasn’t even on my radar before the season began, but the pure exhilaration of this moment sold me pretty quickly.

    • schneider says:

      It’s not as if you’re not allowed to write about it anymore! By all means, write a post.

      Yeah Rin carried the show for me, but the middle was hard to get by since it had her moping most of the time.

  2. ToastCrust says:

    I can’t deny the fact that RideBack 01 is one of those episodes that I’ve kept on my PSP ever since I first watched it (on my PC), just so I could watch it whenever I want.

    I also really wish there was a full version of the ending in Japanese that doesn’t have a weird rapper.

  3. Yi says:

    Seems to be seeing a lot of these best moment stuff lately.
    Never seen the anime, but is this one moment worth, from what I read, a mediocre anime?

  4. 2DT says:

    I’m going to write about Rideback soon-ish. But I did love this scene (loved the whole show, as a matter of fact– well, except for that silver-haired guy), so I’m glad you brought it up. Cheers.

  5. mjsnoozer says:

    Rideback is great, except that it would be better if Rin got shot, even once.

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