12 Moments of Anime #10: The Girl Who Ran

Toradora is a series I hold close to my heart; it’s a show about teens acting like teens, in a manner alternating between crazy and somber. My favorite character is Minorin, for obvious reasons (passionate, throws flaming baseballs, ohahahahaha). But somewhere along the line, Minorin turned into Emorin. I still loved her, but man were those episodes heart-wrenching. Even then, things went bad to worse, until they tried patching things up.

And it still falls short. Taiga runs away!

Here Minorin gives chase (accompanied by Ryuji), shouting her thoughts for the pursued and the pursuing to hear. Yes, she does like Ryuji, but could not deign to take him for herself. The clincher is that Taiga is already gone–did she hear all of it? Just a few lines? Nothing at all?

It’s impressive how the animation takes up a notch with this scene. After all, it is Minorin’s defining moment, and my fondest memory of the show.

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8 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime #10: The Girl Who Ran

  1. Shance says:

    Ironic, since Taiga is making a move for Ryuji to get Minorin, while Minorin is making a move for Ryuji to get Taiga.

  2. Yumeka says:

    I loved Toradora! as well and it will be on my 12 moments too. Minori is a great character; I know she did go a little emo later on, but then we get to see more sides of her personality and feelings, which is something I like.

  3. ToastCrust says:


  4. glothelegend says:

    Toradora, one of the best anime of the past 2 years in my opinion.

  5. I shipped Ryuji x Minorin. My ships almost always sink :/

    • Shinmaru says:

      I shipped Minorin x Ryuuji in the beginning, too, mostly because I liked Minorin a lot, but I moved to the OTP quickly enough. 😛

      This scene is awesome btw. Toradora has so many great physical scenes.

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  7. R1CK_D0M says:

    also totally shipped ryuuji x minori. Liked Ami as well, but she always seemed to me as better off foreveralone for some reason.

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