12 Moments of Anime #9: Taki’s Real Secret

I was able to enjoy the 2 seasons of Natsume Yuujinchou almost as one continuous endeavor–when I finished the first one, the second season started airing immediately afterward. It’s a well-made show with a laid-back, wistful mood and colorful youkai.

The second season is a curious thing. Its OP featured a new character who was only introduced by episode 6, and I was uncannily hyped by her. Her clothes were unusual; either she was a delinquent (I wrongly thought the stick that she carried was a bokken of sorts), someone who wanted to look incognito, or a trap (which a friend disproved to me).

Imagine my surprise when she was properly introduced. Taki turned out to be a very shy girl who ran away from the slightest hint of conversation. Why is she drawing those circles on the ground with a stick? Looking for aliens, time-travelers and espers? Say it ain’t so!

And then…

The biggest reveal of the episode is not the curse, but this adorable Nyanko hug. It turns out that Taki is a normal girl with a penchant for cute things, and her antisocial demeanor stems from the fact that she was cursed by a youkai and anyone whose name she uttered would be included in the curse. Natsume reflects on how absurdly sad her situation is–how can anyone live like that? And it’s not like the youkai is even willing to keep his part of the bargain!

Out of Natsume’s few friends, Taki is the only person that knows about the Book of Friends, but is neither scared nor repulsed by it. Instead, she says it is Natsume’s treasure, and Natsume can’t thank her enough for it.

The show may have a somber mood to it, but just by this little bit, Natsume’s loneliness is alleviated. God, aren’t these two made for each other?

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4 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime #9: Taki’s Real Secret

  1. Topspin says:

    Just wanted to say that that I love the expressions on their faces in that pic; I probably had the same expression on mine when I was watching 😀

  2. Panther says:

    Haha yes when she pulled off that Nyanko hug, and then later when she and Nyanko faced off because she could not hug him as she did not want to trouble Takashi, and Nyanko’s response, all golden.

  3. Shinmaru says:

    Taki is way too adorable.

  4. Her personality certainly made the series that much brighter as a result, which is why I’ll rate the second season just a bit higher than the first. Everything just seems more hopeful/optimistic in comparison.

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