12 Moments of Anime #7: This Hand of Mine…

Technically, the 6th Kara no Kyoukai movie had had its theatrical run last year, but we gaijin got the DVD release this year. It probably shows what kind of a fan I am if I consider this as the moment worth writing–there’s plenty of them for 5-6-7 alone, and the 6th is pretty much a dark horse.

I recycled this from an old post, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome.

But hell, Azaka is moe(ru).

Take nothing away from Shiki’s brilliant knife-fighting, but FIRE MAGIC is something I’d prefer more, given my hot-blooded upbringing. Tearing up your dress, running on pews, that magnificent axe kick, those are just little bonuses. Most of Kara no Kyoukai is hard to digest, but for once the 6th movie gives me something I could just gobble up without fear of indigestion.

If anything, Azaka’s one little sister I never had…

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3 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime #7: This Hand of Mine…

  1. I found the part where she axe-kicked that plant to be totally hilarious. Burnination, slice and dice, all of those work. But axe-kicking? Last time I tried that, I scratched up my leg pretty badly when I did it to a rose bush :3

  2. Shance says:

    Interesting for you to grab on to Rakkyo. Never thought you did, actually.

    Also, tsuntsun Azaka works well for yuri shipping with Ryogi.

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