12 Moments of Anime #3: The Name of That Gigantic Shadow

Shin Mazinger is only one of the few mecha shows of 2009, but it’s managed to be a spectacular weekly watch thanks to well-done cliffhangers and a moving, non-episodic plot. I can almost forgive the lack of mecha this year just for it alone! The infamous episode 1 separated the /m/en from the boys with its undecipherable structure that only came clear far into the show–the perfect Imagawa gambit.

But I won’t talk about episode 1. Here is a scene that uses the narrator to great effect:

I felt I was 5 again.

As Sub pointed out, Tesshou Genda GETS HYPE, and earns his paycheck many times over with this scene. He turned an otherwise normal scene into a memorable one, which I can’t keep from replaying. The impassioned narrator is a common weapon employed in super robots, but few can match Mr. Genda, who also does exposition scenes (CHOGOKIN Z!) and 4th-wall-breaking segues.

He is truly someone you can watch the show alone for.

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4 Responses to 12 Moments of Anime #3: The Name of That Gigantic Shadow


  2. Kurotsuki says:

    [cue in Kanjite Knight] F*ck Yer ! Shin Mazinger is definitly one of the best anime of 2009. Having never seen the original, the amount of crazyness of episode 1 made me fall in love instantly. The show never got boring, all the moments where great, not to mention the magnificent soundtrack. And the finale, god what A finale ! ~ And lest not Forget the “zeus rocketo panchii !! “

  3. animekritik says:


  4. Shinmaru says:

    Most badass narrator ever.

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