Mamotte Lollipop And My Rotten Luck

Last year, we Filipino anime bloggers decided to draw lots and write posts for whatever show we got. To add to the selection, each of us contributed 3 shows to the pile. I put in Bartender, SoulTaker, and Natsu no Sora. Nobody drew any of my picks. What rotten luck.

With that out of the way, I drew Mamotte Lollipop, which was something I had never even heard about. The title alone made me fear for my life.

Here's a cap I wouldn't be ashamed of using here.

The visuals are pretty clean most of the time, but the occasional CG sticks out badly. Overall it’s solid work, but nothing memorable. The OP and ED sound cute, but my patience wore thin quickly and I found myself skipping them entirely. The voice-acting is uninspired and adds to the long list of grievances I have with this show.

I don’t like the character designs. They may not be Hisashi Hirai copyfaces, but they are merely forgettable. As for characters themselves, I couldn’t even bring myself to like them. Nina is so plain that I can’t even laugh at her boob jokes. Zero is loud and annoying and has no redeeming value. Ichii is a total asshat and a fag (see the flashback episode for this). Then there are the ugly critters.

I have no words...

The show also has this nasty habit of halfheartedly evoking various fetishes. Incest? Bromance? Traps? Furries? Dear God.

By Jove, it gets worse.

I wanted to be interested in how the magic works, but I’ll say it now: the magic is as dumb as it gets. The powers are dictated by one archetype–be it destruction, defense, summoning, curses, etc. The magic world is worse. Nothing’s really different! Normal people wear normal clothes–would that mean that the other examinees are all deviants? One of them runs around in some sort of Tarzan outfit. I don’t know if this is some lazy world-building on the author’s part, but hell, it’s disappointing. And what’s with the number-obsessed nomenclature? Zero, Ichii, San, Forte, Go, Rokka, Nanase, Yakumo, etc. They’re not even trying anymore at the latter part of the show–there’s a person named Eleven, and these mooks wear stranger and stranger clothes the further they are from Zero and Ichii. Huh?

Then there’s the writing. It’s true that a lot of anime has slipshod writing, but none of them are as barefaced as this show. Since I have nothing to fall behind on, the entire thing becomes uglier.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the show. I just don’t like it. It only brings out the angry ranting bastard in me.  I wish I drew something else.

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3 Responses to Mamotte Lollipop And My Rotten Luck

  1. mjsnoozer says:

    can’t blame ya, since the show’s pretty much geared for Type B shoujofags

  2. 2DT says:

    Was one intention of this project to potentially expose bloggers to shows they wouldn’t have thought they’d like? Because from what I see so far, that hasn’t really been working… 😦

    But hey, this is different. I don’t think I’ll be watching Mamotte Lollipop, and I have you to thank. Cheers.

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