God’s In Her Heaven, All’s Right With the World

I finally did it. I brought myself to finish the part of Haruhi 2009 that I was saving up for last–namely, Endless Eight. It’s a strange thing for me to not have kept up with the show last year, thanks to the mania surrounding those infamous eight episodes. I know, I cheated. I wish I had experienced the agonizing weekly wait.

Having distanced myself from the polarizing opinions towards Endless Eight, I watched all of it in one sitting; quite a smooth experience given my degrading marathon skills. The fact that I knew how it would end helped greatly, but it’s the journey that counts. All the random mecha anime references were very welcome, and it’s tantalizing how the looping framework managed to play my emotions like a piano with all sorts of directorial tricks. I never realized how much I missed these lovely characters (esp. Yuki) until now, and that fueled me not to turn away. After all, this truly was the show that turned me from a casual fan to a rabid one.

Now the wait for Disappearance comes… I should drop by on the animated shorts to make it less agonizing.

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8 Responses to God’s In Her Heaven, All’s Right With the World

  1. kluxorious says:

    ah, a fellow fan of the endless eight! *hugs*

  2. Bob (joojoobees) says:

    I think it was interesting idea that could’vw been handled more effectively in fewer episodes (maybe 4).

    It did make me feel sorry for Yuki though.

  3. Emperor J says:

    I covered this before as it was airing. I would have preferred a movie version of Endless Eight with Kyon being forced to endure it all, but that would have been too much like Groundhog Day for some people.

  4. Shinmaru says:

    The only thing I really like about Endless Eight is Yuki’s development, which naturally extends to the events of the upcoming Haruhi Suzumiya movie. Now there’s something that can make up for this!

  5. Yi says:

    I finished Endless Eight as well but I did not continue with the series. I was hurt too badly. 😦
    Maybe I should pick it up again.

  6. sadakups says:

    Only die-hard Haruhi-tards will find joy in watching 8 episodes of the same shit.

    I can’t wait for the Disapperance movie though.

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